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Life After Choice

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Life After Choice is a collection of raw and vulnerable stories of those who faced a crisis pregnancy. Some chose life by keeping their baby or opting to place their child up for adoption. Others chose abortion. But all found redemption and healing from the pain of their consequences through the grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

"Diane Wagner" | Program LAC180001

Diane Wagner became engaged and soon became pregnant. Fearful of breaking her grandmother’s heart, she opted for an abortion. Her fiancé supported her decision, paying for the procedure. After the wedding, they soon learned they were expecting another child. Dianne felt completely unworthy to be a mother and chose to have a second abortion. Descending into a pit of shame and despair, she became bulimic and began cutting herself. She resented her husband for not protecting her from the painful choices, but neither understood their own value to the Lord, much less that of the lives of their aborted children. Their marriage began falling apart until she grabbed hold of the Lord’s hand and allowed Him to pull her up from her pit of despair. Program 1

“Treating The Symptoms Does Not Fix The Problems” | Program LAC180002

David Wagner and his fiancé agreed to abort their first child, and after they married, agreed to abort their second child as well. At the time, David told himself he was simply being supportive, and for years, he hid behind that excuse, never imagining the traumatic and devastating effects his choice would have on his wife, his life, and their marriage. Program 2


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