3ABN - Three Angels Broadcasting Network

Meet the Pastoral Staff


J.D. Quinn, department manager, has served in the 3ABN Pastoral Department since February 2005. Since his arrival, he has personally enjoyed exponential growth in his own relationship with the Lord through the joy of sharing the Lord with others. J.D. holds a masters degree in psychology. His compassionate heart and God-given people skills—coupled with his diverse education and experience in counseling, business, and medicine—aid him in sharing scriptural encouragement with those who are suffering or need encouragement. J.D. and his wife, Shelley love taking part in the ministry of 3ABN and serving as ambassadors for the Lord. J.D. is looked to as the in – house pastor at 3ABN. He has a pastor’s heart, a listening ear and his door is always open to those in need. He is loved and esteemed by all that meet him.


Joe O’Brien was raised a Catholic. But at the age of nineteen, he broke with tradition and began a twenty-two year search for a church that taught the Bible, the whole Bible. When he was introduced to the Seventh-day Adventist Church he set out to disprove their doctrine. In his quest for truth he was astonished to find how the Holy Spirit had blessed this church. The Seventh-day Adventist Church provided answers to questions no other church could answer. Today he shares these Bible truths with all who are willing to listen. Joe’s wife, Nancy, works for 3ABN’s Planned Giving and Trust Services Department and their daughter, Kalie and husband Andrew Saunders are finishing their Master’s Degrees in Global Development Administration from Andrews University. Joe and his family came to 3ABN in 1999.


Mitch Owen was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1981 and has been active in ministry ever since. He and his wife served many years as Bible Workers in several states. He has served 3ABN for 16 years in various departments and is now serving in the Pastoral Ministries Department. His joy and passion is to be an effective Prayer Warrior listening to the concerns of the callers, giving encouragement and telling of the hope that is in Christ Jesus. He enjoys writing and sharing about God’s grace. Mitch and Karen have been married for 32 years and make their home in Thompsonville, Illinois.”


Elder Claude Turner is the latest addition to our pastoral team as a volunteer. For several decades, he served as a pastor in Colorado, Illinois, and California Seventh-day Adventist churches. He moved on to become a health educator at Loma Linda University, where he also conducted “Stop Smoking Clinics” while he served as a hospital chaplain for 12 years. Claude brings 42 years of denominational experience to our team. Well respected, he is an inspiration to us all.