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Construction Dept. Manager

3ABN is looking for a manager for our construction department. Experience required in general construction and fine carpentry. Heavy equipment operator would be a plus. Please send any resumes or inquiries to jill.morikone@3abn.org or call (618) 627-4651;3013.

Full-Stack Web Designer

3ABN Print + Web department is looking for a Full-Stack Web Designer. A multi-skilled individual who can step in and create and maintain multiple websites as well as use thier talents to cross over into other design areas. A strong foundation in design is a must as well as great communication skills.

Job duties include:
  • Research/brainstorming of websites
  • Wireframming & initial design of web projects
  • Facilitate or assist in development and implementation of websites
  • Maintain/make changes and updates to multiple websites on various structures
  • Create ads, banners, images for use in websites or social media platforms

Must be willing to relocate.

Profficiency in (but not limited to):
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Front-End Development (HTML, CSS/SASS)
    • Knowledge/Skills in the development of Wordpress or PHP driven sites
    • Knowledge/Skills of preprocessors or compilers helpful (PrePros, CodeKit)
    • Knowledge of different frameworks helpful (Grav, Foundation/Zurb, etc. )
  • Adobe Creative Suite programs
Please send resume and portfolio examples to: webmaster@3abn.org