3ABN - Three Angels Broadcasting Network

3ABN Donation Center

3ABN accepts various types of donated items, which we sell through eBay. The income supports 3ABN’s operations.

Please call us at +1 618-627-4651 to discuss which types of items we accept and how to send them to us.

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A Note from Bruce Chance

Gold and silver items, rare coins, real jewelry, and gold and diamond watches are still very much in demand, and some donate vehicles and RVs, too. But since not every item sells easily, we urge you to call first, so we can spare you the cost of sending something we can’t use.

Some of you would like to claim a tax deduction for the value of your donated items, so if requested, we will send you an assessed value receipt for the current market value on the date we receive your item.

Thank you for supporting 3ABN’s mission to reach a lost and dying world. Your donated items help proclaim the three angels’ messages!

Additional items we can use:
  • Platinum
  • Diamonds
  • Sterling silver and silverware
  • Antique swords
  • Musical instruments
  • Real estate
  • China
  • Vintage baseball cards and memorabilia
  • Annette Himstedt dolls
  • Vintage (1960s) Barbie and Friends, and their clothes
  • Lladró figurines
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