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3ABN Radio Program Descriptions

SERIES: Emphasis on God

This program focuses on Jesus, His life and the wonderful world He created for us. Programs include:

The Creator Revealed

Scientist Tim Standish and 3ABN’s Shelley Quinn delve into the controversy between believers in evolution and believers of creation. Which is it? Suddenly out of nowhere spontaneous life appears and then over eons it grows and evolves into complex life forms, or God created everything over the first six days of creation week. Would you be surprised to learn that science has clear answers to that very question? Listen to The Creator Revealed each week on the 3ABN Radio Network and learn what science has to say about it.

Affirming Creation

Pastor Hiram Rester presents Biblical and scientific evidence to prove creation as presented in the Bible and to dispel the theory of evolution.

Walking With Jesus

Do you want a deeper understanding of God’s love and a closer walk with Jesus? Do you want to know


Programs concerning family health and development on a variety of subjects from managing money to marriage issues, such as:

Counsel For The Heart

Junie Lawson hosts this program with timely advice on various issues in family life, such as divorce, blended families, parenting teens, communication, etc. She has introduced hundreds to the life-changing truths of God’s Word.

Marriage In God’s Hands

A variety of educators present Bible-based concepts which lead to a happy marriage and home life. Their candid approach and personal experience make this series a winner!

It’s Your Money

G. Edward Reid brings an end-time urgency to the way we handle money. Tithing, home purchase and ownership, debt elimination, retirement income, investments, and much more are addressed in this incredible series.

SERIES: 3ABN Insight

A program of spiritual insights about such topics as the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Left Behind controversy. Programs include:

Heaven's Point of View

If you’ve ever wondered what your spiritual gift is, this program will help make that clear. Various speakers will define and clarify each gift, describe the proper use in today’s church, and give examples of the ways they’re used.

Left Behind–Fact Or Fiction?

Pastor Mark Finley outlines the false teachings regarding the secret rapture and points us to what the Bible really says about the second coming of Jesus Christ. The program provides insights into a controversial topic in society today.

SERIES: 3ABN Mental & Spiritual Health

God desires that we live a balanced life; especially our mind and our spirit. These programs give suggestions on how to achieve a healthy balances:

Critically Speaking

Victory Over a Critical Spirit and Life Without a Critical Spirit, books written by author Jim Hammer, are the focus of this program. Hosted by Cinder Mercer, we hear Jim’s personal stories and insights that have brought him this far on the journey toward victory over a critical spirit.

Mind Cure

This program is focused on teaching listeners about simple principles that can enhance mental health. These principles are based on science, the Bible, and inspired writers. The goal is to help listeners learn how they can care for their minds and, in many cases, reduce or even eliminate emotional and mental distress.

SERIES: Worldwide Evangelism

A compilation of evangelistic meetings presented by a variety of well-known pastors and speakers. Listed below are just a few of the series within this program:

Cracking the Genesis Code- Radio
Cracking the Genesis Code

On the surface, the book of Genesis appears to be a mere collection of ancient stories. But don't be fooled! Cracking the Genesis Code will help you comprehend the intimate relationship between the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and the last book, Revelation. Don't miss this important series presented by Pastor Steven Bohr.

Discover Prophecy Seminars- Radio
Discover Prophecy Seminars

Pastor David Klinedinst is an ordained minister and seminar speaker from the St Louis, Missouri area who has preached throughout the United States and the world. He is passionate about Bible prophecy, and his dynamic seminar explains these fascinating topics in a simple, easy to understand way.

Worship Hour- Radio
Worship Hour

Sermons by Pastor John Lomacang and visiting speakers recorded at the Thompsonville Adventist Church in Thompsonville, Illinois.

Your Favorites by Request- Radio
Your Favorites by Request

Tim Parton delights in playing and singing your favorite song or hymn, while adding interesting and delightful background information you might never have heard.

Your Story Hour- Radio
Your Story Hour

A dramatic presentation, aimed at children, using Biblical themes to present good morals.

3ABN Radio Programs

3ABN Today

Join 3ABN president Danny Shelton and others as they host 3ABN’s flagship program. You’ll enjoy inspirational interviews, discover new ministries, acquire important health information, and enjoy the finest vegan vegetarian cuisine.

3ABN Today Live Radio
3ABN Today Live

Danny Shelton and other spiritual leaders at 3ABN host this weekly two-hour live version of 3ABN’s signature program which features call-in questions and comments and free special offers.

Anchors of Truth Replay Radio
Anchors of Truth Replay

In this world of uncertainty, we need solid anchor points that will weather any storm. Discover how to anchor your faith to God’s unfailing truths through this powerful series!

Behold the Lamb Presents-Radio
Behold the Lamb Presents

Kenny Shelton addresses our individual and corporate needs in our preparation for the Kingdom of Heaven. This program also features spiritually uplifting music from 3ABN’s Worship Center and is hosted by Chris Shelton.

Behold the Lamb Presents-Radio
Bible Answers-LIVE

In this series, Evangelist Doug Batchelor presents Biblical answers to live call-in questions.

Bible In Living Sound-Radio
Bible In Living Sound

Get your kids excited about the Bible! This series presents Bible stories from the Old Testament, the life and times of Jesus, as well as the apostle Paul’s life and travels from the New Testament. These spiritual stories, complete with music and sound effects, will captivate listeners of all ages.

Breath of Life -Radio
Breath of Life

From various cities around the U.S. and abroad, Pastor Walter Pearson comes offers powerful sermons that will inspire you and move your heart.

By My Spirit-Radio
By My Spirit

G. Ed Reid hosts this series of programs presenting a Bible study regarding the work of the Holy Spirit.

Celebrating Life with Cheri and Friends -Radio
Celebrating Life with Cheri and Friends

Host Cheri Peters interviews guests who give testimony to God’s grace and mercy seeing them through destructive lifestyle choices, personal tragedies and spiritual battles. They share with listeners how the Holy Spirit sustains them on their journey toward salvation.

Contending for the Faith -Radio
Contending for the Faith

Explore faith and science with Cliff Goldstein in this dynamic series that shows viewers the reasons we hold the beliefs we do. This program is especially helpful to those who want to reach a relative, neighbor, or friend who may not believe in the Bible, or even in God. Using history, science, philosophy, and nature, Cliff reaches people where they are.

Crossroads on 3ABN Radio -Radio
Crossroads on 3ABN Radio

Host Angela Lomacang discusses topics of Christian interest, including women’s issues, Bible doctrines, health, and societal challenges with her guests.

Discovery Mountain -Radio
Discovery Mountain

This Voice of Prophecy program is a Bible-based audio adventure series for kids! Discovery Mountain teaches young ones about building character and learning life-lessons from Bible stories and Scripture.

Dynmaics in the Science of Prayer -Radio
Dynmaics in the Science of Prayer

So much is said today about the power of prayer. Tyrone Phillips shares how to enrich your prayer life in this in-depth series. You will be blessed by his insights concerning this very important aspect of your spiritual relationship with God.

Exhalting His Word -Radio
Exhalting His Word

Shelley Quinn shares the love of God and teaches the amazing transforming power of God’s word through life affirmations from Scripture.

Faith Chapel -Radio
Faith Chapel

A 30-minute program that features various guest hosts. They speak on a wide range of topics that help listeners take a closer look at many different issues that affect the Christian’s walk with the Lord.

Focus on Healthy Foods -Radio
Focus on Healthy Foods

The goal of this program is to educate listeners about vegetarian cooking and encourage them to try this healthy lifestyle. During the episode, a recipe is given and then the ingredients and the health benefits are discussed, assuring the listeners that vegetarian cooking is not hard to do.

Genesis to Revelation Seminar -Radio
Genesis to Revelation Seminar

Pastor George Knowles takes us through the books of the Bible with delightful insight, highlighting some of the wonderful stories in each book.

His Words Are Life -Radio
His Words Are Life

Inspirational passages from the Bible read by Kelly Mowrer.

Homecoming Radio - 3ABN Version
Homecoming Radio - 3ABN Version

A musical program featuring selected music from the Gaither Homecoming Radio Program.

In Search of the Truth- Radio
In Search of the Truth

Join Charles & Karen Byrd as they visit Bethlehem, Qumran, Gehenna, Egypt, and more importantly, God’s Word, as they search for relevant truth.

In Verse- Radio
In Verse

InVerse approaches Bible study with warm humor, practical intelligence, simple application, and authentic conversation. Host Justin Kim and his team discuss what the Bible has to say. These are real-life discussions with profound insights about life principles. Regardless of your background, you will enjoy this diverse group of friends as they study the Word of God.

t Is Written - Radio
It Is Written

This is a well-known religious telecast that has been on the air since 1956. Each week the current speaker, Pastor John Bradford, takes timeless truths and applies them to everyday life.

Lift Him Up - Radio
Lift Him Up

Thirty minutes of children’s music, Bible character enactments, nature studies and sharing.

Melody From My Heart- Radio
Melody From My Heart

This is a 15-minute program of inspirational music featuring members of the 3ABN family of musical artists.

More Abundant Life- Radio
More Abundant Life

Inspirational music and sermons by Pastor Wintley Phipps.

 Musical Meditations- Radio
Musical Meditations

A one-hour program hosted by 3ABN air personality Jay Christian, featuring Christian favorites selected from hymns, gospel, country, and contemporary artists.

Pictures of the End- Radio
Pictures of the End

Current events...ancient history...Bible prophecy. How does it all fit together? Listen to this dynamic 30-minute program and you’ll find out!

Reaching Your Heart- Radio
Reaching Your Heart

Pastor Michael Oxentenko’s message points people to Jesus Christ and the transforming power of the Gospel through in-depth teaching and preaching the three angels’ messages.

Sabbath School Panel- Radio
Sabbath School Panel

Join our panel of pastors and teachers to discuss the Sabbath School Lesson each week. Always fresh and relevant, you'll gain deeper insights as we study the Word of God together.

Salvation In Symbols & Signs- Radio
Salvation In Symbols & Signs

Have you had a hard time getting a handle on the book of Revelation? Have you read it repeatedly but felt like you just couldn’t connect the dots? Then this program is for you. Join hosts Ivor Myers and James Rafferty as they take a careful and thoughtful look at the themes and meaningful symbolism of this important book.

Table Talk- Radio
Table Talk

Inspired by Martin Luther’s own table talks (and his book by the same name), this program features four friends in a lively, spontaneous, and Scripturally-saturated dialogue about “The Big Picture.” Join Ty Gibson, James Rafferty, David Asscherick and Jeffrey Rosario for meaningful conversation on the story of Redemption, the Great Controversy between Good and Evil, and the restoration of all things.

The Best of 3ABN Camp Meetings- Radio
The Best of 3ABN Camp Meetings

As the title says, these are the very best of the 3ABN spring and fall camp meetings from the last several years. They feature well-known preachers, music and commentary.

The Carter Report - Radio
The Carter Report

The Carter Report shows how the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus, with a lot of love, will do more good than all the politicking of powerful statesmen and all the pious deliberations of church leaders in all the world. Each 30-minute program is packed with news about the soon coming of Jesus, evangelistic outreaches around the world, and more, featuring Pastor John Carter.

The Incomparable Jesus - Radio
The Incomparable Jesus

Pastor Jay Gallimore follows the evidence from the Bible that Jesus Christ has always had an intense interest regarding the Earth’s inhabitants. From being created in His image, to sacrificing Himself to save us, the Bible clearly proves His love for his children here on Earth.

The Pen of Inspiration - Radio
The Pen of Inspiration

Steps To Christ is one of the most often read and widely circulated books by Ellen G. White. Here it is in audio form in its entirety to bless listeners with the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Women at the Well- Radio
Women At the Well

This program examines the faith-filled lives of some amazing, but ordinary, women of the Bible through whom God has done incredible things. A lively discussion compares the lives of those women to the lives of women today.