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Doing MORE for Jesus

For some, the search for Jesus begins in childhood. A simple love turns into a relentless quest for a closer walk with Him. However, others get started down a different path—until a loving Savior intervenes.
“I was born in South Bend, Indiana, to good parents,” Dennis Fisher begins. “I was one of six kids, and my … Read more »

Free Indeed

A new series, shot entirely behind bars, begins this month on 3ABN. Hosted by 3ABN’s C. A. Murray, Free Indeed features the testimonies of inmates housed in several Indiana correctional facilities.
“Most prison ministry programs talk about what they’ve done for the prisoners,” C. A. says. “However, this program is all about the prisoners sharing what Christ … Read more »

Hitting Rock Bottom

by Hal Steenson
She was crying so hard I could barely make out what was being said over the phone, so I slowly calmed her down by telling her that no matter what had happened, everything would be all right. That was when I finally understood what she had been saying, “I need prayer; I’ve hit … Read more »

The Constant Seeker

Georgie Livingston has always loved the Lord. However, Satan has never been happy about that, and has tried his very best to destroy her chances for happiness and eternal life. But praise God, for “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4. As we talked with … Read more »

Should We Block His Calls?

by Joe O’Brien
In October 2001 Brian called 3ABN’s Pastoral Ministries Department to complain about God. As I listened, Brian shared with me why he thought God was a very poor and unfair manager of human affairs. He had lost a relationship with a lady friend; he had lost his brother to an untimely death; and … Read more »

Captive No More

by Grace Yost
Who is a captive? Perhaps you’re thinking of the one who’s behind bars of steel—but that’s not all. Satan holds billions of people captive—and only a fraction of them are in literal prisons.
Such are the lives of a young woman and a young man in this story. They both had a similar background, having grown … Read more »

Paving the Way

by John Dinzey
Chile is a country in South America that is home to more than 16 million people. This ribbon of land borders Peru and Bolivia to its north, and Argentina to its east, and travels down the west coast of the continent along the Pacific Ocean to the very tip of South America.
More than … Read more »

Mysterious Ways

by Nikki Anderson
I was talking to someone the other day about the mysterious ways God reaches people, and it reminded me of an experience I had during my first few months at 3ABN.
Mysterious Reception
I was working for our television engineering department when a woman who lived in a large apartment building called.
“Nikki, I’ve asked every other … Read more »

The Little Things

by Teresa Bonilla
At times we don’t realize the impact of the little things we do. However, they often have an impact for eternity. Not too long ago I received what seemed to be a normal phone call. A lady thanked us for our programming and gave me her prayer request, but as the conversation developed things … Read more »

Where We Want to Be

We’re so grateful for all those who have volunteered their services to this ministry over the years. But what motivates someone to sell their business, donate the proceeds to 3ABN, and move here to volunteer? We sat down with Don and Grace Yost recently to find out.

“I first heard about 3ABN from my mother,” Don … Read more »