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What It's All About

by John Dinzey
It’s time once again to say, “Happy anniversary, 3ABN Latino!” Yes, nine years ago 3ABN Latino was launched, and thanks to God it continues to grow, adding impressive numbers of affiliates every year.
I still marvel at how God makes this happen over and over again, confirming the words written by Peter so long … Read more »

3ABN Latino: Nine Years Strong!

by Bobby Davis
Those who watched in the early days tell us that, just like Three Angels Broadcasting Network, 3ABN Latino is without a doubt a network of divine origin! We sat down with general manager, John Dinzey, just before 3ABN Latino’s ninth anniversary.
* * *
World: John, God has truly built 3ABN Latino into a wonderful … Read more »

3ABN Latino: A Month of Blessings

by Jorge Jaque
One concept we live by here at 3ABN is summarized perfectly in the phrase: “The blessing is on the ‘Go,’ ” because we always move on faith. That phrase is also repeated time and time again as we produce Spanish television programs for 3ABN Latino. We strive for excellence in our content, and that’s … Read more »