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3ABN Radio Celebrates its 14th Anniversary

This year marks 3ABN Radio’s fourteenth anniversary, and we praise God for the hundreds of affiliate stations around the world who bless potential millions of listeners each day with our Christ-centered programming.
However, visitors to 3ABN Radio are often puzzled when they come to the end their studio tour, and ask “So where is the rest … Read more »

“When the Spirit Falls” begins May 1!

A new Anchors of Truth series with international evangelist, Pastor Mark Finley, will be broadcast in May focusing on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The series entitled “When the Spirit Falls” will air live from 3ABN’s Worship Center in Illinois over its television and radio networks from May 1–4.
There’s an urgency in the air. … Read more »

It Gets Better—and Better!

by Nikki Anderson
WURY-LP 97.1 FM is a low-power FM radio station transmitting from Phenix City, Alabama, with an effective radiated power of 23 watts. I know 23 watts doesn’t sound very powerful, but WURY-LP also has God power to boost it, so those 23 watts reach where God wants it to—Phenix City, Alabama; Columbus, Georgia; … Read more »

Getting the Word Out

by Nikki Anderson
Having been on the air broadcasting the three angels’ messages for 12 years now, I thought you, our readers, supporters, and prayer warriors, might like to see some statistics about our affiliates. (You “numbers guys” always appreciate information like this!) As you will notice, the number of potential listeners has been increasing along … Read more »

Belize Radio Update

Recently we received an update about Faith FM Radio in Belize from Junior and Addy Borland. I was so happy to read the praise reports that I thought, What better way to share them with you than directly from the newsletter? 
– – –
Old Witness, New Baptism:
“I would like to share this heartwarming testimony with you. … Read more »

A Family Affair

Above: A beautiful rainbow encircles KRJE FM’s radio tower. “His banner over me is love,” says Dan Bonjour, station manager.
* * *
by Nikki Anderson
“I  had a dream to build a radio station many years ago back in the 1980s, but over the years and for various reasons it never happened—until 2007,” Daniel Bonjour begins. “That year … Read more »

We're Growing

107.1 FM – Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand
Andrew Roux is the owner of our new affiliate station in ­Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand, and we’re thrilled that he’s recently joined our affiliate station family! He broadcasts over the friendly airwaves from this land of many sheep, and if you’re one of the 10,000 potential listeners … Read more »

Radio Ranks High in the World

by Nikki Anderson
In the July 2011 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine, the cover story was, “101 Gadgets That Changed the World.” Now, I have to admit that I’m not in the habit of reading Popular Mechanics, since it just doesn’t fall into my area of interest. But what did catch my eye was that the … Read more »

Celebrating the Blessings: 3ABN Radio Turns Twelve

This month, our 3ABN Radio network celebrates 12 years of broadcasting, and God’s blessings on this network are very evident! At press time, the 3ABN Radio network consisted of over 200 radio stations, micro transmitters, and other outlets like cable companies that provide the network’s audio to their subscribers—in ten countries (that we know of)!
Nothing … Read more »

Mysterious Ways

by Nikki Anderson
I was talking to someone the other day about the mysterious ways God reaches people, and it reminded me of an experience I had during my first few months at 3ABN.
Mysterious Reception
I was working for our television engineering department when a woman who lived in a large apartment building called.
“Nikki, I’ve asked every other … Read more »