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Prophetic Security Series Begins March 3, 2017 on 3ABN Latino

Seguridad Profetica (Prophetic Security) is a new Spanish-language evangelistic series coming to 3ABN Latino in March. It will be broadcast live on 3ABN Latino from the Broadway Seventh-day Adventist Church in San Diego, California, from March 3–11.
The speaker for the Prophetic Security series will be evangelist Juan López, and his programs will air each night … Read more »

What It's All About

by John Dinzey
It’s time once again to say, “Happy anniversary, 3ABN Latino!” Yes, nine years ago 3ABN Latino was launched, and thanks to God it continues to grow, adding impressive numbers of affiliates every year.
I still marvel at how God makes this happen over and over again, confirming the words written by Peter so long … Read more »

3ABN Latino: Nine Years Strong!

by Bobby Davis
Those who watched in the early days tell us that, just like Three Angels Broadcasting Network, 3ABN Latino is without a doubt a network of divine origin! We sat down with general manager, John Dinzey, just before 3ABN Latino’s ninth anniversary.
* * *
World: John, God has truly built 3ABN Latino into a wonderful … Read more »

A Nice Round Number

by John Dinzey
Last March I traveled to Cartagena, Colombia, to participate in a cable convention called Andina Link. This type of gathering provides us with the opportunity to talk to cable executives that come to these conventions to see new equipment, attend industry seminars, and visit the booths of channels and networks that may be … Read more »

The Time Has Come

The time for 3ABN Latino Radio has come, and we are thrilled to use this powerful instrument to reach the masses with the gospel of Jesus Christ!
As we’ve mentioned previously, God made it quite evident that the time to begin a Spanish satellite radio network had come. Just as Peter experienced in Acts 12:1–10, when … Read more »

Reaching Hearts in Colombia

by John Dinzey
[Pictured above: Pastor Robert Costa, speaker/director for Está Escrito, prays with a woman after a meeting in Bogotá. Photo: Royce Williams]
Last year the Seventh-day Adventist church in Colombia celebrated 90 years of preaching the gospel. This country, located in the northern part of South America, shares borders with Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. Its … Read more »

Paving the Way

by John Dinzey
Chile is a country in South America that is home to more than 16 million people. This ribbon of land borders Peru and Bolivia to its north, and Argentina to its east, and travels down the west coast of the continent along the Pacific Ocean to the very tip of South America.
More than … Read more »

The Little Things

by Teresa Bonilla
At times we don’t realize the impact of the little things we do. However, they often have an impact for eternity. Not too long ago I received what seemed to be a normal phone call. A lady thanked us for our programming and gave me her prayer request, but as the conversation developed things … Read more »

3ABN Latino: A Month of Blessings

by Jorge Jaque
One concept we live by here at 3ABN is summarized perfectly in the phrase: “The blessing is on the ‘Go,’ ” because we always move on faith. That phrase is also repeated time and time again as we produce Spanish television programs for 3ABN Latino. We strive for excellence in our content, and that’s … Read more »

No Coincidence

by John Dinzey
Recently, Pastor Armando Miranda, vice president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, related a remarkable story to us. While traveling in Texas for an event earlier this year, he met a fascinating couple who had told him of an amazing “coincidence.”
Gabriel and Minerva Hernandez live in what they call “The Valley” in … Read more »