The Lord Has Been Good To My Family and Me

First of all I have to give God thanks for what he has done for my husband and me; we are not working and we have rent and bill to pay–we pray as usual and ask to pay our bills but last month the bills was too high. I say to my husband the bills are too high this month he says to me we can’t pay the bills; the Lord will pay it for us. Every thing come to 17 thousand dollars, food not include and thank God to Jesus when we finish pay our debt we spend 30 thousand for everything include food thank you Jesus He provide for us He will provide for you He is your provider and He never leave you nor forsake you put your trust in him and never give up on Jesus–He will come through for u too don’t ask how it happen the lord do it for me and He will do it for u, that my testimony in Jesus name.

The Great Physican
Praise Him