Prodigal Daughter Returns After Many Many Years

Dearest Pastoral Staff and 3ABN Network, God thru the Holy Spirit brought you into my home and worked a miracle! 3ABN used to be a channel that I didn’t even know existed, and then when I found it; it was one to speed remote on by. God didn’t give up and the Holy Spirit continued to work with me…I will never be able to Thank you enough! My eternal life was secured thru the wonderful programs you offer. Danny, Cheri, Pastor Asherick, Pastor Bohr, Pastor Lyle, Pastor Ty, Pastor Doug, The Metcheff Sisters and even Kid’s Time and Tiny Tots (When I couldn’t watch anything else because I was struggling, I would watch Tiny Tots and Kids Time and it is true…….a little child shall lead them! PTL). Dr. Hans, Dr. Thrasher and the Medical Ministries are a physical and spiritual blessing as well. Since, the Holy Spirit continues to work on my heart. I am attending meetings at the Bethel SDA Church, which is only 1.9 miles from me! The congregation is on fire for the Lord and the lambs there are loving and kind toward me. If anyone ever thinks that they have done too much, been to bad, crossed the line of no return………LET ME TELL YOU, THAT IS WHAT THE DEVIL WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE SO HE CAN KEEP YOU BOUND IN THE CHAINS OF SIN!!!! DON’T do IT dear ones! Submit your life to God and ask for His Robe of Righteousness to cover you and walk out of the Sin of this world! May God continue to bless ALL the wonderful people of God from 3ABN! A sinner no more, Debbie

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