God Is Good

Saints of God, Help me to thank the Lord for HE IS GOOD AND HIS MERCIES ENDURETH FOREVER, AMEN. I am a young ordained Minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. After being a District Pastor for three different Districts, I came to the realization that, it will be best for me to get knowledge in Medicine since People really want to hear the Adventist Health Messages coupled with the word of God. I prayed with my wife to the Lord about this and informed my conference officers. Apparently, there is no Adventist Minister who has in the History of the Ghana Union conference studied Medicine in addition to the Theology, so it was a difficult decision, but I trusted in God to lead me. I applied to some medical schools on line and started praying about them, when I did not have any money on me. Three days after the on line application, I had started with a two weeks evangelistic campaign in a village in my District to open a new church, I was there when I had a call from China that my application has been received and was being considered. I told my elders and the evangelism prayer team members and we prayed about it. To the Glory of God, after the two weeks crusade, 22 souls were baptized and some expressed interest but asked to be baptized later, thus a new Church was opened. After the crusade I went to inform my officers about the call and they prayed with me. I later receive my admission letter and went to inform my officers about it who sent it to the executive committee meeting for a study leave, and an approval was given in that regard, but, it was without pay. A date was set for my send of and since I was not going to receive any financial support from my conference, had no choice than to sell my car to pay for the first year’s tuition and leave the rest to God. i was to send the car to a certain garage which promised to sell it for me. A day before my send off, the car which had been parked moved by itself and hit a fence wall and the bonnet and the front part got damaged. I knew I was in trouble. I told my elders and we prayed about it. After the send off, new parts were bought to have it fixed but it would not start after the fixing. By this time, I had already been given my visa and was supposed to be in school because lectures had already started. Thinking there was no way for me to come to school, I went to one of my officers to inform him I might not be able to go to the school and that I want to forget about it and to my surprise he told me there is no place for me again. As a matter of fact, I became dejected and I said, God has disappointed me because I told him about every step. Thinking all hope was lost, I had a message from the school that since it was almost two months, I had been given 5 days to get to the school or I should cont my admission cancelled. I went in doors and prayed to God with my wife that the Lord should open a way. All this while, I will watch hope channel and 3ABN to give me hope. God indeed is a prayer answering God, the way he opened a way for me to come to school, it is a mystery I cannot understand even till today. I got to the school a day before the deadline. A make up classes was arranged for me for one week to help me catch up with the two months lectures. All too soon we had to write the final exams for the first semester and to the Glory of God, I passed in all the exams. I know it was not anything good I wrote that made me pass but I know it was the Lord Himself who wrote the exams for me, as there were many students who have to do makeup exams because they failed even though they were there from the beginning of the semester. School will re-pen on the 18th of February and I will be in my second semester. Please, if there is any body going through any situation that seems all hope is lost, i want that person to know that when all hope is lost and every door seemed closed, we must look up because God has a better door opened for us, by that way no man can take the glory and honor that is due God. To him alone be praised now and ever more. AMEN. Pastor Daniel Owusu Ansah

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