Section: Testimonials

No Coincidence

by John Dinzey
Recently, Pastor Armando Miranda, vice president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, related a remarkable story to us. While traveling in Texas for an event earlier this year, he met a fascinating couple who had told him of an amazing “coincidence.”
Gabriel and Minerva Hernandez live in what they call “The Valley” in … Read more »

More Precious Than Gold

Republic, Washington, is nestled among the mountains on the northeastern side of the state. Originally dubbed Eureka, the settlement’s first name aptly described the excitement created by the discovery of gold in the late 1890s.
There are many things that make Republic special, but perhaps nothing is more precious to Leroy and Colleen Sharp than a … Read more »

Praise Report

Praise the Lord the Honda is fixed, may it run long and without problems. Praise the Lord for the warmth we have while the snow is outside. Praise the Lord we are healthy, in our right minds. Praise the Lord we have steady income. Praise the Lord Charles is safe and we … Read more »

God Timing

I have asked the 3ABN prayer warriors to pray for four friends who are unemployed. Two of these individuals have secured employment. God is always on his time . thank you for your continued support. Verona Coffy

My Brother and My Daughter

My brother has said that he believes in a higher power, and my daughter has had a healing of her breast cancer. Thank you for your prayers. Mildred Weeks

God Is Good

Saints of God, Help me to thank the Lord for HE IS GOOD AND HIS MERCIES ENDURETH FOREVER, AMEN. I am a young ordained Minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. After being a District Pastor for three different Districts, I came to the realization that, it will be best for me to … Read more »

Job Received

I requested prayer for my mom to get a job and a work permit. I am giving God thanks for answered prayers. She has gotten two part time jobs. God took care of the job he will do the same for the permit. We serve an “on time ” God. Sherene, Brown … Read more »

Answered Prayer for Good Test Scores

Hello I just want to Praise God for his many wonderful blessings but especially for answering my prayer for good test scores on my exams this week. The Lord knows I have been studying but still struggle to make the grade, well today he proved once again that He is able … Read more »

Praise Report

I had asked for prayer in January for my brother with Cancer, and need to report that he has gone to sleep in the Lord. but the last few months were comfortable for him and he had a lot of support from his children. He passed on Sabbath evening – in … Read more »

Prodigal Daughter Returns After Many Many Years

Dearest Pastoral Staff and 3ABN Network, God thru the Holy Spirit brought you into my home and worked a miracle! 3ABN used to be a channel that I didn’t even know existed, and then when I found it; it was one to speed remote on by. God didn’t give up and the Holy … Read more »