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Real Stories from 3ABN Viewers

Real Testimonies from 3ABN Viewers

Every one of us has a story—and the story of how we were saved is the most precious possession we have. Be inspired by these amazing stories from real people, as they share how they found strength, hope, and salvation in Jesus Christ through the ministry of Three Angels Broadcasting Network.

World Church President Ted N.C. Wilson Addresses Total Member Involvement on the 3ABN Today Live

Total Member Involvement (TMI) will be the subject of a special broadcast this Thursday, March 23, on 3ABN Today Live. 3ABN president and CEO, Danny Shelton, and 3ABN World Evangelism director, Pastor John Lomacang, will speak with Seventh-day Adventist World Church president, Elder Ted N. C. Wilson through a live feed from the Hope Channel … Read more »

3ABN On YouTube Grows In Popularity

When it comes to spreading the gospel, 3ABN is committed to exploring every avenue to reach souls for the Kingdom. We are currently using many of the social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. These are especially adapted to share short messages, video clips, photos, and programming information.
However, our newest focus is on … Read more »

New Story: “I Saw You On TV!” Vickie Was Hooked

Ben Tejano

In November 2016, Philippine Ambassador, Bienvenido Tejano visited 3ABN headquarters during our thirty-second anniversary. While he was with us, he spoke about the miracles God performed in both the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, that allowed 3ABN to install and broadcast over full-power television stations in those countries.
A Wonderful Surprise
During his talk, Ambassador Tejano … Read more »

Prophetic Security Series Begins March 3, 2017 on 3ABN Latino

Seguridad Profetica (Prophetic Security) is a new Spanish-language evangelistic series coming to 3ABN Latino in March. It will be broadcast live on 3ABN Latino from the Broadway Seventh-day Adventist Church in San Diego, California, from March 3–11.
The speaker for the Prophetic Security series will be evangelist Juan López, and his programs will air each night … Read more »

Prophecy Encounter with Doug Batchelor Coming to 3ABN February 17–25

We are happy to announce that Three Angels Broadcasting Network will be broadcasting a 10-part television series called Prophecy Encounter, presented by Amazing Facts. This exciting, fresh, and practical look at Bible prophecy will air live on 3ABN from February 17–25.
In this series, host Doug Batchelor will explore complex, often misunderstood, and sometimes unsettling Bible … Read more »

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