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Former 3ABN Board Member Owen Troy Dies

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Elder Owen Troy, who served as Communication Director for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists from 1980 until his retirement in 1995. He was living in Berrien Springs, Michigan, with his wife Ann, and next door to their daughter Carmelita when he suffered numerous injuries … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: Letters and Testimonies

Hello. I’m Jill Morikone, and nothing thrills us more than to hear how God is blessing you through 3ABN’s ministry. We look forward to hearing your praise reports, your suggestions, and your prayers, because without you, 3ABN would not exist.
We marvel how the Holy Spirit is working with individuals and often their whole families. Just … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: Miracles at 3ABN

Jim: You know, Danny, I have always been intrigued with the beginning of 3ABN and all the miracles that took place. But there was something you said to me the other day that really made me stop and think. And you said to me, “You think there are a lot of miracles then. There are … Read more »

Frank Gonzalez Series Focuses on Jesus’ Last Words

We’re happy to announce that Frank Gonzalez, longtime host of La Voz de la Esperanza (The Voice of Hope) television and radio ministry, will present the next series in 3ABN’s popular Anchors of Truth program. The series he calls “Seven Words of Hope” will run from Wednesday, March 12 through Saturday, March 15 on 3ABN.
“Nothing … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: John Ashcroft Concert, Anchors Series with Frank Gonzales

Hello, I’m Shelley Quinn, and we are delighted to announce a special program that will air on Thursday, February 20, on 3ABN Today Live.
On this special 2-hour program, we’ll be hosting former Missouri governor, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft as he shares his personal testimony and presents an inspirational gospel concert at … Read more »

3ABN World, March 2014

[download_box]3ABN World, March 2014, is now available for download in PDF format. (Click this link to download.)[/download_box]

Page 6: In the Spirit of Service: New responsibilities for Greg and Jill Morikone at 3ABN
Page 8: A Passion to Proclaim!: C. A. Murray, recently promoted to general manager of the 3ABN Proclaim channel, shares his vision
Page 18: Seeking God’s Direction: Moses Primo, … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: DVD Discounts and 3ABN Radio CDs

Hello. I’m Greg Morikone. Have you watched a program, then wished you had a copy to share with a friend or family member? Maybe it was an inspirational sermon or a special children’s program. Perhaps it was even a testimony on 3ABN Today or a Pillars of Our Faith concert. Whatever the case, if we … Read more »

3ABN to Air Live Program with John Ashcroft and Greater Vision

3ABN is happy to announce a special 3ABN Today Live program with Former Missouri Governor, U.S. Senator and U.S. Attorney General, John Ashcroft on Thursday, February 20 at 8:00 p.m. CST (UTC–5). General Ashcroft will share his personal testimony and present an inspirational gospel concert, accompanied by the Greater Vision Southern Gospel Music trio.
John Ashcroft’s … Read more »

3ABN Announces New Staff Appointments

3ABN has recently announced several management changes and new positions.
C. A. Murray
The first was the promotion of C. A. Murray to the position of general manager of the 3ABN Proclaim channel. C.A. has worked at this ministry since January 2005, when he accepted a position in 3ABN’s Marketing Department. Shortly after that, he became the … Read more »