Section: Newsbreaks

3ABN Newsbreak: Charitable Gift Annuities

Hello, I’m Roy Hunt, Director of 3ABN’s Planned Giving and Trust Services.
As Christians, we know that we are in the last days of earth’s history. However, there are many who still have not heard the promises that God makes of eternal life.
3ABN is committed in using the quickest ways to get God’s Word to every … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: New DVD set, 3ABN Homecoming with David Asscherick

Hello, I’m Cari Christian, and I hope you had the chance to watch and listen to our 3ABN Homecoming Camp Meeting recently. Pastor David Asscherick was with us, and what a powerful series he preached on Jesus Christ and the covenants. Truly, the Holy Spirit was present, and we were challenged to let go of … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: Viewer Testimonies

Hello. I’m Mollie Steenson. Each month we receive thousands of letter, e-mails, and phone calls telling us that 3ABN television and radio have been instrumental in bringing them to Jesus Christ.
Just listen to this letter that says: “We want you to know that we’ve been blessed by 3ABN. We’ve been watching for about four months, … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: “Revelation Today” with Ron Halvorsen, Sr.

Hello. I’m Cari Christian, and we’re excited about a new live prophecy series beginning very soon. Revelation Today is a comprehensive study series that will focus on the prophecies of the Bible, especially the book of Revelation. Based entirely on the Word of God, Revelation Today will let the Bible speak for itself and will … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: Introducing 3ABN Français

Hello. I’m Cari Christian, and this week we have some very exciting news for you. As you know, for nearly 29 years, Three Angels Broadcasting Network has been sending the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 around the world. And now we’ve been blessed with a new network, 3ABN Français.
There are an estimated 350 million … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: Watch 3ABN on Roku, iPhone, and iPad

Cari: Hello. I’m Cari Christian, and we have some terrific news for you this week. Now you can watch and listen to all of 3ABN’s networks on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s Moses Primo, 3ABN’s Director of Broadcasting and Engineering, to tell us more.
Moses: I’m so happy to share with you the latest technology that … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: 3ABN Homecoming 2013

Hello. I’m Cari Christian, and 3ABN’s Homecoming Camp Meeting is quickly approaching. Just think for a minute about that wonderful feeling of coming home. Perhaps it’s a family reunion or maybe your heading home for a high school reunion. At any rate, as you drive those last few miles, your anticipation just grows and grows. … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: New Season of “Free Indeed”

Cari: Hello. I’m Cari Christian, and we’re happy to tell you that a new season of Free Indeed is beginning on September 15. Just look at these clips from this amazing program.
Vince Boyd: If it wasn’t for God’s mercy, I wouldn’t be here today. I’d probably be six feet under.
C.A. Murray: These graves are the … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: Call Center and Studio Expansion

Cari: I’m Cari Christian, and I’m just thrilled to tell you that 3ABN is growing. Here’s Greg Morikone to tell us more.
Greg: Thank you, Cari. I’m standing in front of the beautiful 3ABN Call Center. This building was built 12 years ago, and it was built because we had a tremendous need for a larger … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: ASI Convention 2013

Hello. I’m Greg Morikone, and our crew has just returned from one of the most exciting events of the year. I’m talking, of course, about our television coverage of the international convention of the Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries, commonly known as ASI.
We are proud to be ASI members, and since the early 1990s we have … Read more »