Section: Newsbreaks

3ABN Newsbreak: James Rafferty, “Prophetic Insights Into Current Events”

Hello, I’m Jill Morikone, and we are happy to tell you about another inspiring Anchors of Truth series coming very soon. We are so pleased to welcome back our friend James Rafferty, co-director and speaker for Light Bearers Ministry, as he speaks on “Prophetic Insights Into Current Events.” This series will be broadcast live from … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: 3ABN Day of Prayer Report

Hello, I’m Jill Morikone, and we have just experienced an amazing Day of Prayer here at Three Angels Broadcasting Network. Each year we gather as a family, recount the Lord’s blessings of the past 12 months, and hear about the exciting new opportunities God is providing.
This year our founder, Danny Shelton, started us off by … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: 3ABN Français and Good News TV Rallies

Hello, I’m Cari Christian, and today we’d like to tell you about some upcoming events for your calendar.
As you may remember we recently announced that we would be launching a brand new network in the French language. 3ABN Français is based in beautiful Martinique, a French region in the Caribbean that shares their language with … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: 3ABN Russia Update

Jill: Hello. I’m Jill Morikone and there’s a lot of excitement at 3ABN’s Russian Evangelism Center. Here’s Julia Outkina to tell us more.
Julia: How did 3ABN Russia start? One small Hi8 camera taping segments with the new converts of Pastor John Carter’s 1992 evangelistic series and putting together the first programs at 3ABN [in the] … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: 3ABN on

Hello. I’m Cari Christian, and we have some exciting news for you. You see, our whole mission is to proclaim the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ by sharing the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14 with the world. We do this through 24-hour television and radio broadcasts, by streaming continuously on the Internet, … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: Update on Major Projects

Hello. I’m Mollie Steenson. We’re amazed and humbled as we realize how the Lord has sustained and expanded 3ABN’s ministry this year. Just a few days ago, we watched as a new satellite began to bring our 3ABN Russian programming to Russia and to all the countries of the former Soviet Union.
God has also given … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: Anchors of Truth with Frank Fournier

Hello. I’m Jill Morikone. We’re quickly approaching another week of inspiring messages from our Anchors of Truth series. This time, we’ve invited Frank Fournier, President of ASI and Eden Valley Institute, to be with us from December 4 through 7 for an important series on righteousness by faith in the context of the Three Angels’ … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: Valley of Elah Broadcast

Hello, I’m Jill Morikone. We want to tell you about an exciting broadcast that will take place next week.
As you may know, the idea for 3ABN began in the early hours of November 15th, 1984, when Danny Shelton felt impressed to build a television station that would reach the world with the three angels’ messages … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: GYC: ‘Before Men and Angels’

Cari: Hello. I’m Cari Christian and I’m happy to tell you that 3ABN will be carrying the GYC youth conference beginning January 1st. These young people are on fire for the Lord. Just listen to their message:
Man: My life is incredibly insignificant. I am a tiny person on a small planet in a very large … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: November Special Broadcasts

Hello, I’m Jill Morikone. Each year we bring you a large selection of live programs, including evangelistic series, laymen and youth conferences, 3ABN camp meetings, and many other special events. The month of November is no exception, as we celebrate 3ABN’s 29th anniversary with a special presentation of Mending Broken People, the 3ABN miracle story.
November … Read more »