Section: 3ABN Events

As another year fades into the past, our hearts and minds turn to the New Year.
What opportunities will we have?
What struggles will we experience?
Certainly it is a time of reflection—and joy, since we’re so much closer to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!
Please join us for a very special New Year’s Eve of programming on … Read more »

A New Year's Eve Communion Service

3ABN invites you to a very special Communion Service, as we re-dedicate our lives to serving our Master. Jesus shared His last supper with His disciples, and reminded them to “do this in remembrance of Me,” (Luke 22:19), so, on New Year’s Eve, our 3ABN Family will gather all over the world to remember His … Read more »

Coming December 24: Seven-Hour Serenade of Joy!

On December 24, the attention of the world will be focused on the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ—and 3ABN television will be celebrating with a seven-hour Serenade of Joy! Come spend this special time with the members of 3ABN’s musical family as they sing, play, and inspire you with the music of the season!
3ABN’s … Read more »

New Anchors Series in December with Pastor Ron Halvorsen, Sr.

A new Anchors of Truth series will begin airing on 3ABN television in December. Pastor Ron Halvorsen, Sr. will present, “The Truth As It Is In Jesus,” from Wednesday, December 14 through Saturday, December 17 at 3ABN’s Worship Center in southern Illinois.
Pastor Halvorsen was born in Brooklyn and soon became part of a fighting gang … Read more »

GYC 2011: A Cry for the Holy Spirit

Visit for conference information
This December 3ABN will broadcast live coverage of the Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC) Conference from Houston, Texas. For four days, attendees immerse themselves in Bible study, prayer, and fellowship as dozens of speakers share a wealth of information on topics that are relevant to young people. It’s intense!
Yet one … Read more »

3ABN Children's Day 2011

Mark your calendars for December 3, 2011, because 3ABN has declared this special Sabbath to be Children’s Day, dedicated to children’s ministries. You won’t want to miss three live events—all in the same day!
Kids’ Time Praise
The first hour begins on Saturday, December 3, at 9:30 a.m. CST, and will feature musically gifted children from Kids’ … Read more »

Celebrate 27 Years With 3ABN!

Three Angels Broadcasting Network will celebrate its twenty-seventh anniversary with a two-hour 3ABN Today Live television program beginning at 8:00 pm CST (UTC-6), and you’re invited!
The Lord has truly blessed this ministry, which He ordained and brought into existence, and ever since that night in November 1984 when He impressed Danny Shelton to build a … Read more »

Doug Batchelor's "Doctrines that Divide," October 19–22, 2011

3ABN is  thrilled to announce that Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts, will be hosting the next Anchors of Truth series, live from Sacramento, California.
“Many Christian churches hold vastly different views on key Bible teachings,” he says, “and our goal will be to help Christians find clarity about these important beliefs. Our search for … Read more »