Section: Kids Crafts

Kids Crafts – Buggy Bug Trap

Got any idea what kind of bugs crawl around at night? Here’s a great way to find out! It’s simple to make—and you never know what bug might stop by! Best of all, once you’ve looked them over, you can let them go on their way!
What you Need

A Mason-type glass canning jar (any kind of … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Spring Flowers Word Search Puzzle

We know you like Word Search Puzzles, and since spring is right around the corner here in the United States, we thought we’d give you something to get you thinking about all the beautiful flowers God has given us to enjoy! Just print out the puzzle and see how many flowers … Read more »

Kids Craft – Polar Bear

Have you ever seen a polar bear? They’re huge and powerful! They’re also very beautiful in their white coats, but did you know they have black skin? How cool is that?
Here’s a fun polar bear craft that’s fun for all ages. Get creative! What kinds of polar bears can you make?
What you Need

small Styrofoam cup
white … Read more »