Section: Kids Crafts

Kids Crafts – Polar Bear

Have you ever seen a polar bear? They’re huge and powerful! They’re also very beautiful in their white coats, but did you know they have black skin? How cool is that?
Here’s a fun polar bear craft that’s fun for all ages. Get creative! What kinds of polar bears can you make?
What you Need

small Styrofoam cup
white … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Miniature Igloo

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in an igloo? Even though it’s made of ice and snow, it’s warm and cozy inside—isn’t that crazy? Here’s a great little craft that’s fun to make!
What you Need

paper plate
small Styrofoam cup
mini marshmallows

What you do

Cut an inch or so off the top of your Styrofoam cup.
Spread a bead … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Icy Suncatcher

Here’s a great craft to brighten up those cold winter days!
What you Need

ice cube tray
food coloring
a round cake pan
ribbon or colored yarn
small plastic cup

What you do

Fill an ice cube tray with water, then add a few drops of food coloring to each cube. Try just two or three colors, since they’ll blend together, later. Put … Read more »

Fruity Turkey

Wow! Here’s a great craft that you can eat. You can make one for each person at your Thanksgiving table—just think of it as a healthy dessert!
What you Need

An apple
A pear (yellow reddish or brown pears might look good, but any kind will do! A green turkey? Why not?)
A clementine or navel orange
a dried cranberry … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Gratitude Pebbles

As we approach the Thanksgiving season, here’s a great way to remember to thank God for all His blessings! Try writing down the names of those you love, or pets, or things in nature. In fact, you can keep adding new rocks to your pile! And when you see one, tell Him how much you’re … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Sea Urchin

Sea Urchins are pretty tough to eat, but sea otters seem to have no trouble! Here’s a sea urchin you can make from edible fruits. Try it!
What you Need

an orange
raisins, craisins, or any other bits of fruit or dried fruit

What you do

Take an unpeeled orange and cut it in half. Set it on a paper … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Dried Flower Candleholder

Check out this pressed flower découpage craft! It’s easy to make, and it’s really pretty under candle glow!
What you Need

pressed leaves or flowers
clear glass candleholder, or votive candle cup
craft glue
foam brush
lightly colored tissue paper

What you do

Pick some pretty summer flowers and leaves (small, delicate ones work best).
Dry your blossoms and leaves by pressing them between … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Sammy the Soda Can Doggie

Check out this cute doggie made from a soda can! It’s fun to make and fairly easy, too!
What you Need

soda can
craft glue
brown and pink craft paint
paint brush
acrylic spray
brown and red felt scraps
tiny black pom-pom
small goggly eyes

What you do

Remove the tab from the can.
Squeeze the can in half, then bend the top one direction and the … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Dog Shark

Hey kids, check out our Dog Shark craft! It’s easy and fun!
What you Need

Two Styrofoam cups
Craft Glue
One sheet of white craft foam
One sheet of blue craft foam
Googly eyes
Blue acrylic paint

What you do

Glue the two open ends of your Styrofoam cups together to form the Dog Shark’s body. Let it dry thoroughly
Spread out newspapers on your … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Leaping Lentils

Remember the bubbling swamp water of this month’s Kids’ Korner story? Well, here’s a way to enjoy the power of bubbles at home (without the slime)!
What you Need

A tall narrow clear glass (a tall narrow vase will work, too. But don’t use a mug, ‘cause it won’t work)
1 cup of water
1 Tbsp. baking … Read more »