Section: Devotionals

Giants and the Unpardonable Sin

by Dr. R. Dean Davis
After Cain rejects God’s grace and forgiveness, the Bible says he walks away from the Lord and begins a genealogical line that runs parallel with the righteous line of his younger brother Seth, the “appointed one.”
The Two Lines
Family was extremely important to the Hebrews; married sons built onto their fathers’ houses, … Read more »

Should We Block His Calls?

by Joe O’Brien
In October 2001 Brian called 3ABN’s Pastoral Ministries Department to complain about God. As I listened, Brian shared with me why he thought God was a very poor and unfair manager of human affairs. He had lost a relationship with a lady friend; he had lost his brother to an untimely death; and … Read more »

Eating Poison

by Bobby Davis
Resentment is like eating poison and hoping the other guy dies!”
I remember hearing that pithy saying for the first time, and I can’t say I laughed at it because I had no clue what resentments were actually doing to me.
I’ve always been fascinated with the origins of words, though, and resentment comes from … Read more »


Twas on a dark night so long ago,
The heavens were lighted with a bright glow.
The earth was blessed beyond compare,
The Saviour of all had come to dwell there.
In a stable so dark and bleak,
The Commander of Heaven had gone to sleep.
On the straw of a manger He laid His head,
What a precious gift lay upon … Read more »

"My Strong Young Man"

Daniel is my strong young man,
God will help you all He can.
If you let Him you will see,
You’ll be as happy as can be.
Take each day as it comes along,
Fill your heart with laughter and a song.
Don’t fret and worry and pine away,
Trust in your Saviour from day to day.
A fleeting moment is each life,
Filled … Read more »

"In The Hollow of His Hand"

I had been praying for God to show me how Awesome He is, so when I was invited to go to the West Virginia Camp Meeting with a couple of my friends, I jumped at the chance to go.  They made room for me in their cabin, and I took food for us to help … Read more »


My daughter had a big yellow cat named Simon.  He was an independent cat so came and went as he pleased.  We lived in the country where he had a lot of places he could roam, and at times would be gone for days.
One afternoon my son and his family came for a visit.  We … Read more »

My Brother's Keeper

by Dr. R. Dean Davis
When Eve had Cain, she undoubtedly believed she’d given birth to the Messiah; so, obviously, she saw no need for her second son, Abel. His name (hebel in Hebrew) is translated as breath (“Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow,” Psalm 144:4) and also vanity or … Read more »

A Deeper Experience

by Kevin Hart
It was the beginning of a brand new day and light flooded the countryside as the sun climbed above the horizon. The sounds of seagulls filled the air as the water gently lapped the shore.
Here, on the edge of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus stepped into Peter’s boat and taught the crowd. The … Read more »

Is Your Good News Good Enough?

by Adam Dean
Things were desperate in the city of Samaria. The Syrian army had them surrounded and starving people were resorting to cannibalism to survive! Outside the gates four lepers sat starving, as well. “The famine is in the city, and we shall die there,” they said to each other, “and if we sit here, … Read more »