Section: Life Lessons

Hitting Rock Bottom

by Hal Steenson
She was crying so hard I could barely make out what was being said over the phone, so I slowly calmed her down by telling her that no matter what had happened, everything would be all right. That was when I finally understood what she had been saying, “I need prayer; I’ve hit … Read more »

Eating Poison

by Bobby Davis
Resentment is like eating poison and hoping the other guy dies!”
I remember hearing that pithy saying for the first time, and I can’t say I laughed at it because I had no clue what resentments were actually doing to me.
I’ve always been fascinated with the origins of words, though, and resentment comes from … Read more »


My daughter had a big yellow cat named Simon.  He was an independent cat so came and went as he pleased.  We lived in the country where he had a lot of places he could roam, and at times would be gone for days.
One afternoon my son and his family came for a visit.  We … Read more »

A Bucket of Glue

by J. D. Quinn
A significant group of church members work zealously in the Lord’s harvest fields. These fortunate people enjoy a sense of purpose and find deep satisfaction in fulfilling Christ’s commission to connect with others while sharing the gospel. In contrast, many people are profoundly frustrated from lack of purpose and a seemingly meaningless life. … Read more »

Take Out the Trash!

by Hal Steenson
The loud hiss from the air brakes followed the distinct rattle of the diesel engine. A 5:00 a.m. glance at the alarm clock caused me to sit upright in bed—it was Monday morning, and that was the garbage truck!
I pulled on my trousers and sneakers as I made a mad dash for the … Read more »

Trail of Tears

“He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5
Quite often we run into someone who seems to have everything together—you know, the one without any problems who’s on top of the world. When asked how they’re doing, the answer is always the same, “Great! Couldn’t be any better,” and perhaps … Read more »

Unexpected Gifts

by Grace Yost
Gifts come wrapped in many ways, and some gifts are not wrapped at all. God’s gifts also come to us in various forms—many times in ways we never expected.
Have you ever considered that the desire to serve God is a gift from Him? Have you dreamed at some point in your life—even your childhood—of serving … Read more »

Social Evangelism

by Dr. Leonard Westphal

I was raised in Brazil in a very sociable and hospitable home. With great fondness I remember all those people eating in our home, and how my parents enjoyed having them over for fellowship. Early on they impressed on my heart the importance of hospitality.
The Bible lists 21 different gifts God gives His … Read more »

Ramblings on a Rock Tumbler

by Grandma Joyce Neal
My old rock tumbler sits alone and covered with cobwebs in a corner of my dusty shed. I haven’t used it for many months now, and on my back porch, a bucketful of raw agates are waiting to be polished.
So what am I waiting for? I think now would be a good … Read more »

The Addiction of Pride

For many years I have observed and been involved in one of the worse addictions in Christianity to date. It is running rampant through every denomination, independent, and networked ministry on the earth. It is causing division, confusion and isolation even in the lives of the non-church going lone rangers. What is this addiction … Read more »