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I was rushing around trying to cook soup beans and bake homemade bread for the funeral of an old gentleman who was instrumental in starting the Church I go to in our town.  His daughter told me she went to get him from the Nursing Home for Christmas Dinner and that all he wanted was … Read more »

"My Strong Young Man"

Daniel is my strong young man,
God will help you all He can.
If you let Him you will see,
You’ll be as happy as can be.
Take each day as it comes along,
Fill your heart with laughter and a song.
Don’t fret and worry and pine away,
Trust in your Saviour from day to day.
A fleeting moment is each life,
Filled … Read more »

Compassion In Competition

Mollie and I had not been to a little league baseball game in years and were therefore unfamiliar with the updated rules–such as the coach being the pitcher and the players throwing the ball to the pitcher to stop any player from running to the next base.
Nonetheless, there were still the age-old … Read more »

And Peter

But go your way, tell his disciples and Peter that he goeth before you into Galilee: …. Mark 16:7
I’ve read this passage numerous times and even preached it. However, in 1995, after a devastating trial in my life, I saw something in this verse I’d never seen before. I saw the love, mercy and compassion … Read more »