Section: Devotionals

A Special Encounter

by Rita Westphal
I was back in my homeland visiting family, many years after moving to the United States. As was my custom, on Sabbath I attended the church where I was baptized, and where I still had many friends. They always gave me a few minutes to share with them, and had asked me to sing … Read more »

In a Perfect World

Words cannot describe what Joe and Kateena LeForge felt when they received the phone call no parent or grandparent can bear to imagine. Joe’s six-year-old grandson, Gabriel, had suffered a tragic accident and was being rushed to St. Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri. For the next four days his family never left his bedside—and neither … Read more »

Freedom of Choice

by Kevin Hart
Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing because it’s the very foundation of any authentic relationship. It’s why we feel good when our dog runs over and expresses its loyalty, or when our cat curls up on the couch beside us. It’s music to our ears when, out of the blue, our children … Read more »

The Bus Stop Outside My Door

by Bobby Davis
There’s a bus stop right outside my door, and some days it seems like a great idea to let someone else do the driving. I have two modern-looking coaches to choose from, and they’re equally nice and shiny on the outside. But that’s where the resemblance ends.
The Choices
The first bus comes in the … Read more »


I dropped the little bag into my cup and reached for the hot water. As it poured over the pomegranate tucked into the little tea-pocket, I noticed the faintest hint of color begin to seep into the water. Grabbing my spoon, I squeezed the tea bag against the edge and instantly a rich, deep purple … Read more »

Thank You, Jesus!

by J. D. Quinn
We start our work at  3ABN’s Pastoral Ministries Department each day with a devotional and a group prayer for the calls we’ll receive on our prayer line. We ask the Lord for discernment and uncommon, heavenly wisdom—realizing we can offer nothing of value unless it comes from the Lord. We also pray … Read more »


by Bobby Davis
Humility is a subject that makes for uncomfortable discussion—and probably for good reason, since most of us realize we need more of it. (Of course, those of us who don’t realize this really need it!)
Many are never quite sure how to define it, and while humility and humiliation sound very similar, the difference … Read more »

Hitting Rock Bottom

by Hal Steenson
She was crying so hard I could barely make out what was being said over the phone, so I slowly calmed her down by telling her that no matter what had happened, everything would be all right. That was when I finally understood what she had been saying, “I need prayer; I’ve hit … Read more »

Potiphar’s Wife

by Diane Hamilton
The environment Potiphar’s wife lived in was thoroughly saturated with idolatry, vice, and revelry, so we’re not surprised when the Bible says she “cast longing eyes on Joseph.” Genesis 39:7. Indeed, the Bible says Joseph was “beautiful in form to look at,” But little else is said about this sexual advance, other than … Read more »


I was rushing around trying to cook soup beans and bake homemade bread for the funeral of an old gentleman who was instrumental in starting the Church I go to in our town.  His daughter told me she went to get him from the Nursing Home for Christmas Dinner and that all he wanted was … Read more »