Q. Why Does God Allow Trials?

A. Please allow us to share a few thoughts from a small booklet entitled “Why God Allows Trials and Disappointments” which was written by Gerald R. Nash.  “If we are Christians, nothing “just happens” to us.  Disappointments, broken hopes, wrecked plans—everything that touches our lives is preparing us for a place in His kingdom.  God permits each experience, trying to bring us closer to Himself.  His ways are mysterious, but He never makes mistakes.  He is wise and loving.  Let us submit to His better judgment.  There are some things we cannot know until we go beyond them and book back.”

“Sometimes God allows a stinging blow to fall upon us.  It may be the failure of some cherished plan or idea.  Whatever the disappointment, God holds our lives in His hands.  He has a purpose for us and for each blow that He permits to fall.”

I sincerely trust that the above thoughts will help increase your faith.  God is in the business of making the impossible possible.  Make an appointment with God every day and share your feelings, your frustrations with Him.  You may be honest with Him.  He likes to hear from His children.

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