Intercessory Prayer

Q. What the Value of Intercessory Prayer?

A. Hebrews 4:16 tells us to come boldly to the throne of grace.  Please allow me to share with you a few paragraphs which Pastor Mark Finley has written on intercessory prayer in his book entitled STUDYING TOGETHER.

“The secret of Jesus’ power was the secret of intercessory prayer.  If you want to be a soul winner, heaven’s power will come as on your knees you pray for individual people.  As we pray for others, God grants us wisdom to reach them (James 1:5).  He gives us the keys to their hearts.  As we pray, through the influence of the Holy Spirit, God works upon their hearts in ways He could not if we did not pray.

In the great controversy between good and evil in the universe, God respects human freedom.  He gives each of His children the opportunity to choose.  Through angels, the influence of the Holy Spirit and the providential circumstances of life, God is doing everything He can without violating human freedom to win individuals to Himself.

When we hold up specific individuals before God in intercessory prayer, respecting our freedom, He pours out His Holy Spirit through us to reach them.  We become channels of His influence – we become conduits of His power.  The water of life flows from the throne of God to thirsty souls through us.  In the conflict between good and evil, ‘God will do in answer to the prayer of faith that which He would not do, did we not thus ask’ (Great Controversy, p. 524).”

Holy Spirit