Triple Your Donation Value for Adventist Education!


We’re excited to announce our “Triple Your Donation Value” Adventist Education project, by which we hope to raise $3 million for our Adventist schools. 3ABN strongly believes in Christian education. You are invited to participate in this ministry opportunity.

This project multiplies the value of fundraising efforts, far exceeding traditional methods. Current featured items are available to be sold in your community at $15 each, delivering 100% of the proceeds toward your determined goal.

For example a local Adventist school had only raised two to three hundred dollars selling candy bars in the past. However, participating in this project, they received 100 items and sold all of them—raising $1,500 to use for their needs. Young students also became engaged in active ministry by pointing community members to the gospel and praying with each person they met.

Visit to learn more about current fundraising items or to sample the music.



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