The Time Has Come

The time for 3ABN Latino Radio has come, and we are thrilled to use this powerful instrument to reach the masses with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

As we’ve mentioned previously, God made it quite evident that the time to begin a Spanish satellite radio network had come. Just as Peter experienced in Acts 12:1–10, when we followed the Lord’s leading, the chains fell off our hands and the doors opened when we got there.

Minutes ago, I spoke to a pastor in Nicaragua who told me he needs two satellite receivers to put 3ABN Latino Radio on two stations in his country. Praise the Lord!

Audiences are Increasing

According to Arbitron, a consumer research company that collects data on radio audiences, radio listening among Hispanics away from home is increasing. In fact, 52 percent of the Hispanics in the United States are likely to listen to the radio while working.

Like our television programs, our radio programming features speakers from different Spanish-speaking countries, preaching the Word of God. It also features Bible study programs, interactive health programs with listener participation, children’s programs, and carefully-selected Christian music that not only inspires, but draws people to Christ.

3ABN Latino Radio is being broadcast on two satellites, covering every Spanish-speaking country in the world. They give us the opportunity to reach people at the community level through local radio stations that downlink our satellite signal.

Some people are very difficult to reach in the course of the normal activities of life. Some are barricaded by gates and even security guards. The average person can’t walk up to their door but, somehow, God finds a way to reach them through radio, TV, a pamphlet or book, and now, even the Internet.

We Don’t Know

One person that surely was barricaded by gates, alarms, and security guards was Julio.* He called about a program he was watching, telling us he was happy with what he heard. Then he congratulated us and told me his full name and his wife’s name, asking if I’d heard of her.

“Yes, I’ve heard of her,” I replied. (She’s a very famous singer in the secular music industry, and her name is easily recognized in the Spanish community.) I didn’t know it at the time, but Julio is also well-known and respected in the music industry as a producer.

When I mentioned that story to a Spanish pastor, he was amazed that these very famous people are watching 3ABN. The fact is, we don’t know who is watching or listening until they contact us. We don’t know how famous they are, or what position they may have in the business world. They may work in the government offices of any city, state, or country. However, what we do know is that people need the Lord—and we need to reach them with the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ!

The evidence is overwhelming: Radio and TV are effective means of reaching those who seem unreachable. And, just as we’ve heard from our English 3ABN Radio network, lives are being transformed as people hear the gospel on their radio, iPods, smartphones, and the Internet. We believe the same thing will happen as people listen to 3ABN Latino Radio!

Please pray for the thousands that will stop to watch or listen to our programming today. And thank you for your faithful support of this ministry.

* A pseudonym.

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