Roku: A New Way to Watch

Note: The information in this story is now outdated and obsolete. You can now watch 3ABN on Roku without a monthly subscription from MOIPTV. Please see the story “3ABN Streams Free on Roku!” for an update.

Now there’s another way to watch 3ABN! Media Opportunities IPTV (MOIPTV) has announced that they’ve just added all of 3ABN’s television and radio networks to a bouquet of 21 channels on the new Roku Internet streaming box.

This inexpensive player (prices start at just $49.99) allows viewers to enjoy hundreds of channels instantly on their TV set by connecting to the Internet. This is easily done through a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection, with a minimum Internet speed of 1Mbps.

MOIPTV’s Roku package streams all six 3ABN television channels and three 3ABN Radio networks. It also streams all the other Seventh-day Adventist television channels, too—even the ones that are not on satellite. You can enjoy all of these for a low monthly subscription of just $9.99!

It’s a great evangelism tool you can give your friends and family, and the Roku 2 box is so small, you can take it with you wherever you go! You don’t need a satellite dish or even a computer to use it, and there’s no signal degradation when it’s snowing or raining outside!

To order the Roku box, you may call 618-627-2300 or 877-369-8560 (toll free in the U.S.). You may also order it online at

Now you can have Christ-centered programming 24-hours of the day with a box that fits into the palm of your hand!

3ABN World, April 2012
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