Remodeling Your Life Begins on 3ABN TV June 3, 2014

Have you ever wondered why your life doesn’t reflect the powerful change and happiness that is supposed to be part of every Christian’s experience? Do temptations beat you into submission and leave you thinking, Maybe I’m not trying hard enough, or I wonder if God is holding up His end of the deal? Could there be a secret everyone but you is aware of? Well, there is a well-kept secret, and in today’s world few Christians have understood or talked about it—until now.

 Remodeling Your Life—God’s Transforming Power may be the most exciting and life-changing series you will ever view. Your guide, Jim Ayer, takes you on a 12-part journey of discovery that will usher you into a wonderful and fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ. A relationship better than you could have ever imagined! Because the message is so upbeat and powerful from beginning to end, you will exclaim, “It’s so easy! Why didn’t I see it before?”

Jim Ayer is the host and producer of the popular TV series Making Waves, which has aired on 15 national and international networks, including 3ABN. His travels have taken him to more than 60 countries where he has enjoyed meeting people and hearing how their lives have been changed by God’s transforming power.

The DVD series, the Transformation companion book, and Your Daily Journey to Transformation study guide will be available from 3ABN very soon!

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5 Responses to “Remodeling Your Life Begins on 3ABN TV June 3, 2014”

  1. Aldridge

    I feel shy to stand in front of people, what should i do i want to participating in church programmes. Please help me

    • Lenora Anderson

      I believe the best way to break this fear is to start off small as to reading the morning bible verse for the worship hour. Also read the mission story for the sabbath school leader for the day. Start off small & work into holding an office & the Lord will remove your fears. God bless you for the desire to be a help in spreading the gossip.

      • Michael Prewitt

        I think you meant, "in spreading the gospel"? 🙂

    • Troy

      Try starting a lending library for your church. My mother did this and the Lord blessed. Now 60 to 120 books/DVD's are checked out every Sabbath.

  2. Carl

    Sounds great. I'm sure it will be like nearly all of your other programming! Which, by the way, is inspired and inspiring!!!!