Reaching Hearts in Colombia

by John Dinzey

[Pictured above: Pastor Robert Costa, speaker/director for Está Escrito, prays with a woman after a meeting in Bogotá. Photo: Royce Williams]

Last year the Seventh-day Adventist church in Colombia celebrated 90 years of preaching the gospel. This country, located in the northern part of South America, shares borders with Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. Its capital city, Bogotá, is a growing and thriving metropolis of over eight million people, and one of the goals of the Upper Magdalena Conference of Seventh-day Adventists was to baptize 4,000 souls during the year.

Great Plans

Their plan included intensive Bible study efforts, evangelistic campaigns, and marriage seminars, culminating in a citywide evangelistic series, broadcast live by the 3ABN Latino network during the month of November. When the Conference president, Pastor Henry Beltran, shared their plans with us in April, we were elated, but noted that only three of the 35 cable companies in Bogotá were carrying 3ABN Latino. In order to reach the largest audience possible, the Conference decided to do its best to get 3ABN Latino on as many cable companies as possible before the broadcast in November.

Great Blessings

When we arrived in October, we were stunned when the Conference informed us that 25 cable companies were now carrying 3ABN Latino. Praise the Lord! But that’s not all. During the time we were there, two more companies agreed to add 3ABN Latino to their lineups!

Please remember to pray that God will impress those who have not yet made the decision to carry this vital channel. It is His will that none should miss out on the opportunity to hear the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14, and the saving truths we hold so dear.

Eager to Hear

On opening night, the 12,000-seat convention center was nearly filled to capacity! Pastor Robert Costa, speaker/director for Está Escrito (the Spanish version of the It Is Written telecast) preached a series entitled, Tiempo de Esperanza (Time of Hope), and we were blessed as dozens of people came forward each night with tears of repentance streaming down their faces.

Some traveled for hours by car or bus to attend the meetings in person, and it was evident that the Lord was working on the hearts of those present. Even convention center staff members said they could see the Holy Spirit’s anointing on the speaker, and that the meetings were a blessing to them.

Going to Any Lengths

Maria (a pseudonym) who lives in another Colombian city, watched the first two nights of the series on her local cable company. She was so moved by them that she decided she simply must be there in person, so she purchased an airline ticket and flew for the following night’s meeting. That night, the Lord used Pastor Costa in such a mighty way that Maria came forward for baptism, and soon was among those rejoicing in her new life in Christ!

As we walked through the halls of the convention center, we were overwhelmed by those who recognized us from 3ABN Latino. They couldn’t wait to tell us how the programs had blessed them and their families. Maria was among them, and we were delighted when she told us that God had used 3ABN Latino to help her make a decision to have Jesus Christ be her Lord and Savior! “I am so grateful to God and 3ABN, because now I have peace in my heart!” she exclaimed.

There are millions of others just like Maria who still need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for us as we endeavor to reach the world with God’s message of salvation!

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