Revelation Pure and Simple

A brand new 3ABN book has just been released by international evangelist, Kenneth Cox. Revelation—Pure and Simple was not written for the theologian or Bible scholar, it was written for the man on the street—the man who’s been told that Revelation is so full of symbolism that it cannot be understood. It was also written for those who have been told that the events of Revelation have already passed and do not apply to us; that they will all take place in the future, long after we’re gone; that we will not be on earth when they take place, or a dozen other excuses for not understanding the truths that Jesus said we could and should understand.

Revelation—Pure and Simple was written for the person who has a desire to know what Christ told John concerning the days we live in, and for the person who wants to see the unfolding of prophecy as one event after another takes place—each prophecy expanding and enlarging the next.

As you walk through Revelation chapter by chapter in this easy-reading format, your eyes will be opened to the roles played by the different nations of the world. Expect a blessing as you read, listen, and keep the things written in this book.
You can depend on it, for He promised it!

It can be ordered from our online store.

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4 Responses to “Revelation Pure and Simple”

  1. Cherie Hansen

    I would like to purchase several of Kenneth Cox’s new book on Revelation. Pure and Simple.
    Please let me know the price and how I can order them.
    Cherie Hansen

    Blessings, Cherie

  2. brent thomas

    Hello to my 3ABN family i am interested in getting a copy of Revalation pure and simple, its a book that im very fascinated about just by reading the title, so if i can get some info that would be helpful thanks in advance. God is love.

  3. Webmaster

    Brent, the article unfortunately omitted the link to the store item when it was originally posted. That has now been fixed. Please see the links above for ordering information.