Philippine Ambassador Bien Tejano Visits 3ABN For 32nd Anniversary

Ambassador Bien TejanoRecently, Philippine Ambassador, Bienvenido Tejano, visited 3ABN headquarters during our thirty-second anniversary in November 2016. While here, he spoke about the miracles God performed in both the Philippines and Papua New Guinea that allowed 3ABN to install and broadcast over full-power television stations in both those countries.
“It’s an honor to be a part of the celebration for Three Angels Broadcasting Network’s thirty-second anniversary,” he began. “I’m so honored and privileged to express my best wishes to the management, and especially to brother Danny [Shelton], who’s been leading this institution with God’s guidance.”

3ABN In the Philippines

Manila Tower“I remember when we started Three Angels Broadcasting Network in the Philippines, and we met the great challenge of securing a license and franchise. I had the privilege of visiting the office of president Joseph Estrada at the time, and asked him if he would grant us a license, and he told me there were no more available. But I told him that I was aware that there were 4,200 applicants for a single license, and I assured him, ‘Mr. President, if you would grant us this license, I will prove to you that this will be an asset to our institution, because this station will be broadcasting all kinds of community services, particularly on health issues.’
“I also told him we’d be lecturing on alcoholism and smoking, and since he was a smoker at the time, he looked at me with strange eyes, so I quickly said, ‘It will be for the benefit of the whole public.’ Finally, he drew his pen and signed the request, writing in the margin note: ‘Approved and signed by the president,’ and that was it! We were given that license.”
Ambassador Tejano says he called Danny immediately, and with joy, announced: “Brother Danny, we have a [television] license, granted by the president! I cannot believe it!”
He adds, “At the time, there was a lady who kept asking, pushing, and inspiring me to continue searching for a license. That was sister May Chung, a very wonderful woman, whom I think will have a lot of stars in her crown. Because of her efforts, thousands and thousands of people have now been brought to the foot of the Cross because of this ministry.”
This godly man has been a tremendous friend to us for many years, and his encouragement is invaluable. He says, “I just want to thank Danny Shelton, Moses Primo, and all the staff at Three Angels Broadcasting Network. We will continue to pray for the great men and women that God has chosen to lead out in this ministry.”

3ABN in Papua New Guinea

Later, Ambassador Tejano was appointed the Philippine ambassador to Papua New Guinea, and there he faced a similar challenge while trying to help establish 3ABN’s presence in that country. “Another church was going to apply for a [television] license there, so the day I arrived, I applied for the license, and it was granted immediately. One week later, a letter from another denomination was sent to the prime minister, who also assured that license would be granted, only to find out that it had already been given to Three Angels Broadcasting Network!
“I feel that to be a part of this mission we have to work as quickly as we can, because we have enemies that are out there who try to stop us from reaching more souls for Christ. At the time, I called up brother Danny immediately, even though it was the middle of the night. I was thinking, He might be angry with me, but I was so overwhelmed and excited as I sat with the Governor General, His Excellency, Sir Silas Atopare.
“When Danny answered, I told him, ‘Brother Danny, I’m sorry it’s the middle of the night, but I would like to tell you that the license [for Papua New Guinea] was granted!’ Then I told him that the head of state was beside me and wanted to talk to him, and they talked and talked. Finally, we put up a station in Papua New Guinea, and now it’s broadcasting 24/7. It’s so inspiring when I visit churches in Papua New Guinea and other parts of the country, because when I ask them if someone’s been blessed, or has been able to receive the message on Three Angels Broadcasting Network and be baptized through this ministry, I see thousands of hands go up!”

A Wonderful Surprise

During his talk, Ambassador Tejano mentioned a wonderful surprise he experienced at one of the largest Seventh-day Adventist Churches in the Philippines. “Just a few Sabbaths ago, I was invited to speak during the hour of worship at a large gathering of the [Church’s] communication group, with several thousands of people in attendance. I talked about the programs on Three Angels Broadcasting Network, and even shared a little bit of how brother Danny started 3ABN. Then, I asked if anyone had been blessed or baptized through the efforts of this ministry, and hundreds raised their hands.
“One particular woman caught my attention, but I couldn’t remember where I knew her from. As it turned out, she had been my secretary many years ago, when I was the chairman of the Dangerous Drugs Board of the Philippines, under President Fidel Ramos. At the time, she wasn’t interested in religion, or even God, for that matter. In fact, I knew that she was a little bit prejudiced about it all. But there she stood, waving. Her face was so familiar, but I couldn’t remember her name, until she shouted, ‘I’m sister Vicki! I was your secretary!’
“I called her up on stage and interviewed her in front of the congregation, asking her, ‘How did you become a Seventh-day Adventist? Why and when did you join this church?’
“She jokingly answered, ‘How could I forget the vegetarian food of the Seventh-day Adventists that you shared with me? But all kidding aside, I’ll tell you what happened. My television was broken, so I had someone fix it. The moment it came back on, it was on the 3ABN channel, and in a few seconds, I saw you! I was interested, and tried to find out what was going on in this program, so I kept watching. Lo, and behold, several messages and speakers later, I was learning about the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventists, and from then on, I wasn’t able to stop watching this station until I got baptized! Now I’m here as member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.’
“I wasn’t able to hold back my emotions, so I hugged her, and said, ‘Welcome to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, I never thought you would be a part of this church.’”
Ambassador Tejano is quick to add, “This is just one of the stories of what Three Angels Broadcasting Network is doing around the world. I know there are thousands of people who are blessed; so once again, I’d like to express my heartfelt congratulations to all of you.
“Brother Danny, there are a lot more people who will be blessed because of your enthusiasm, wisdom, and power that God has given you. To Brother Moses, and to all the people who are involved in maintaining this institution—may God bless you! I will pray that He will continue to give you the strength, healthy bodies, and the wisdom from above, because I know that God is using you mightily.
“We are now living in a very bad time, and our time is short. Let’s work together. I assure you that back in the Philippines, or as an ambassador to whatever country I’ll be in, I will continue to promote the ministry of Three Angels Broadcasting Network. And to the 3ABN people: I hope you don’t get tired of doing your part, because the blessing is flowing all over the world. You may not know it in the place where you are working, but every minute and second, the message meets a soul who is then brought to the foot of the Cross.”

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