3ABN Newsbreak: Second Coming Music Project


Danny Shelton: Hi. I’m sitting here in the sound kitchen studio with Mr. Lari Goss. Lari….

Lari Goss: Thank you. How are you doing, Danny?

Danny Shelton: I’m doing great.

Lari Goss: Good.

Danny Shelton: Boy, I’ll tell you what, I’ve been blessed today.

Lari Goss: Thank you. So have I.

Danny Shelton: Oh man.

Lari Goss: Had a wonderful time.

Danny Shelton: We are working on a project that’s absolutely incredible, and this man, I won’t lift up him, but I’ll lift up the Jesus in him.

Lari Goss: Yes.

Danny Shelton: The arrangements to these songs, what he has done, the orchestration has just been incredible, and thank you for helping us with the new project. Most all the songs are on the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lari Goss: When you gave me the songs, all the songs are about the Second Coming from different directions, and I think that inspired me. It was heartwarming. It was uplifting. It was encouraging, because when you think about the Second Coming of Christ, that’s our blessed hope.

Danny Shelton: Yeah. Oh, absolutely.

Lari Goss: So that should encourage all of us to do the best that we can do, and that certainly encouraged me, and I enjoyed every minute of it and certainly today. Went to the orchestra….

Danny Shelton: Oh, have it all put in and getting together.

Lari Goss: Yes.

Danny Shelton: So it’s about the first half with five songs done….

Lari Goss: Yes.

Danny Shelton: … and some of these we’ll be showing here at Camp Meeting right away, and the rest of it, we’re going to try to make sure it’s done fall sometime, at least, for our 30th anniversary.

Lari Goss: Correct.

Danny Shelton: But the song “The Sacrifice”—absolutely beautiful song—the music on it’s incredible. I actually wrote it when I was sitting in church. My pastor said—John said—something about the sacrifice of the cross, and so I started writing down. I got home, and I didn’t put the music to it. I was trying to be a good guy and not get too distracted from my pastor’s sermon.

Lari Goss: Right.

Danny Shelton: So I didn’t try to do music, but I showed the words to Larry, and I said, “Would you be interested?” He said, “I’ll do the words,” and the music absolutely is incredible. I want to thank you for that.

Lari Goss: You bet. It was my pleasure. Those lyrics really inspired me. You know, part of what we do is mechanical, and it’s just the work that we do. But I think the other part of what we do, we have to be driven by passion to do what we do …

Danny Shelton: Absolutely.

Lari Goss: … to become a ministry for the Lord, and we’ve talked about that before.

Danny Shelton: Yeah.

Lari Goss: And I think that was the case with this, not just with “The Sacrifice,” but with all of the songs that we’ve done here today. It was the fact that it was not only just work to do, but there was a passion there inside of us, because it gives us such a blessed hope, the Second Coming of Christ.

Danny Shelton: Absolutely.

Lari Goss: And when you put work with passion, that’s ministry.

Danny Shelton: All right. Once again, I want to thank you, Lari …

Lari Goss: Thank you, Danny.

Danny Shelton: … for all the work that you’re doing to make this project a reality …

Lari Goss: Thank you.

Danny Shelton: … and to help give us the vision of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lari Goss: Yes.

Danny Shelton: It’s very near, even at the door.

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