3ABN Newsbreak: “The Revelation of Whom?” with Lee Venden


Hello, I’m Cari Christian, and this week we have some wonderful news for you. As part of our continuing commitment to bring you fresh spiritual nourishment, we are happy to announce our upcoming series with Pastor Lee Venden, entitled “The Revelation of Whom?”

Pastor Venden says that he has never forgotten the joy he experienced when he discovered the difference between knowing about Jesus and actually knowing Jesus. That experience changed his life and caused him to want to serve his Lord and Savior through ministry. His passion is to know Jesus better and help others to accomplish that too, and during this series he will be looking into the last book of the Bible with the intent of finding Jesus—the heart, the core, the center, and pivotal theme of Revelation.

“We will make every effort to discover personal applications that affect our daily walk with Him,” he says, “and we will find personal relevancy for each viewer and listener, regardless of their denominational association.”

Pastor Venden began his ministry teaching Bible classes for academy students, and for over 30 years he has worked as a pastor and evangelist. In fact, he and his wife Margie have worked as a full-time revivalist team for the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists since 2008. He has authored three books and co-authored the Bible study series, “More About Jesus.” And we’re thrilled to have him with us.

We want to thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support that make this series and all of our programming possible. Three Angels Broadcasting Network is your network, and we never forget that. We try our very best to be good stewards of the resources the Lord has blessed us with, and nothing is more important than uplifting Jesus. That’s why we are happy to bring you this series. Every anchor of truth ties us to the solid Rock of Ages, our Savior and our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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One Response to “3ABN Newsbreak: “The Revelation of Whom?” with Lee Venden”

  1. Valene Vanice

    The Revelation with Lee Venden was such a blessing to my heart. Since a child I wanted to be able to touch Jesus, or at least feel His touch. With the words from Jesus thru Lee Venden, I feel that touch. Thank you so much for the blessing.

    Valene Vanice