3ABN Newsbreak: New Music Project


Danny Shelton: Hi. I just wanted to take a moment of your time to update you on a special music project that we’re now working on here at 3ABN. As you know, the theme of the [3ABN] Spring Camp Meeting is the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Several years ago, in 2009, we actually did a music project — we worked with David Huntsinger and Chris Wilkinson — entitled, Pillars of Our Faith. And we showcased, if I can use that word, brand new songs about doctrines or pillars of the Christian faith and, particularly, many of those of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We actually had some songs that were inspired by William Miller, by Ellen White.

Well, we want you to pray because we’re doing that again this year. A number of these songs will be ready for Spring Camp Meeting. The rest of them in November — we hope they’ll be ready — for our 30th anniversary of 3ABN.

The Lord has blessed. I’ve been writing some of these songs. I’m working with Lari Goss, a great arranger and writer, musician from Nashville, Tennessee. And the other night I was writing a song, and I called Jim Gilley and Mollie [Steenson], and I began to call a few other people, to read them the words. It’s the first song I’ve ever written that I began to cry as I penned the words, because I knew I hadn’t written it. I knew it came from the Lord. And, of course, the theme is no matter what’s going on around us and how bad things look, when we call on the name of Jesus, He’ll come just in time:

There were famines and earthquakes
With trouble all around.
The heavens did shake.
No peace could be found.

There were wars and strife
On every hand.
It seemed God had lost
With no hope for man.

“Where is your God?” the demons cried.
“He’s left you here to die.
Your truth has failed;
It’s all been a lie.”

But a shout from Heaven
Can now be heard.
It came from God,
the Living Word!

And just in time, the Savior came.
Just in time He called my name!
Salvation’s plan for fallen man,
Redemption by The Great I AM.

We have a number of other songs that we’re working on. We’re doing a song called “We Shall Behold Him,” which many of you know, putting a medley of songs together, “Jesus is Coming Again,” and then a brand new song that I’m working on called “The Sacrifice.” So we’re asking Larry to write the music for some of this.

So we just want you to pray. Jim and Mollie asked me to kind of update you all because we covet the prayers because we have present truth to give to a lost and dying world. The world needs to know that Jesus Christ is coming back, and He’s coming back very soon in the clouds of glory.

So thank you for your prayers, also for your financial support of 3ABN as we endeavor to take this Gospel of the Kingdom into all the world.

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