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Jim: You know, Danny, I have always been intrigued with the beginning of 3ABN and all the miracles that took place. But there was something you said to me the other day that really made me stop and think. And you said to me, “You think there are a lot of miracles then. There are more miracles that take place at 3ABN now than there were even when we began.” Tell us about that.

Danny: Absolutely, Jim. Well, when we first started, you know, we had just a couple of us, and then four or five of us, and six or eight of us. And we needed money to build a building. We needed money to go up the satellite. We needed these things financially speaking. Today 3ABN is reaching the world. Then we were planning on reaching the world. We were taking it, as one guy said, how you eat an elephant: one bite at a time. So we were taking it one bite at a time.

But today we’re seeing incredible miracles, that God has taken this little dream. And now from this little spot here in southern Illinois, Jim, as we’re speaking right now, it’s gone up 22,300 miles to space. Nine different satellites covering the entire Planet Earth. Virtually anywhere on Planet Earth, if you want to watch 3ABN, you can do it. But guess what? We couldn’t do any of this without our viewers.

And we want to thank you for your love and your prayers and financial support. Right now is the first time that we’re literally on television and all high-def cameras. On tapeless—no tapes anymore. I can’t imagine that mentally, but it’s happening. Thanks to you, nearly a million dollars that we’ve invested in this. But you know what, with God’s blessings, it’s paid for. Thank you for your love and your prayers and support of 3ABN.

Jim: It really is astounding to me. And we see that people from all walks of life are supporting this ministry. I have people that I run into that tell me, I send $10 every single month. You know something, Danny? I hug them. I really do. And those who send $25 and $50. And, as you’re saying, we are now looking into cameras that are brand new, and the last time you bought cameras was in the Olympics in 1996.

So this is an amazing miracle that has taken place. That has been your miracle because of your generosity and your financial support. We have been able to continue reaching around the world. We are excited about this next year. Last year was exciting. But what we feel that God is going to do this year, which we will begin our 30th year in November, we believe that God is going to do more wonderful things than we have ever seen in our entire history.

Danny: And how about the greatest miracle of all. Souls for the kingdom of God.

Jim: Amen.

Danny: We could not even tell you how many people write 3ABN. When we go to churches—like last weekend, we were out in churches—people come up and say, praise God for 3ABN. And they have stories that you would not hardly believe, some of these stories. But people [who are], let’s say, caught up in the world, Jim, would never go to church. But they turn on their television set, turn on their radio. They listen. They watch 3ABN. And through the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, because 3ABN is committed into giving an undiluted three angels’ messages that would counteract the counterfeit into all the world. We’re literally seeing thousands of lives, hard hearts, that are being softened. People giving their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. And it’s all because of you joining hands with all of us here. Once again, thank you so much.

Jim: Praise God. And thank you and keep us in your prayers. Will you?

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One Response to “3ABN Newsbreak: Miracles at 3ABN”

  1. Mark Bishop

    Danny, one of my favorite books that I ever read, other than the Bible, was Kay Kuzma's book about how 3ABN started, MENDING BROKEN PEOPLE. I have re-read that book many times, too, as it's so inspiring to see the hand of God guide 3ABN from then to now!

    Indeed, I keep a copy of Mending Broken People in my car and I have had dozens of opportunities where people see this book in my hand, in a waiting room, or in my car, and ask me about it. They too are amazed at how God works, and end up buying a copy and watching you on TV.

    Praise the Lord for his goodness and mercies!