3ABN Newsbreak: Manila, Philippines Campaign


Mollie Steenson: Hello, I am Mollie Steenson, and we are excited about evangelism and I bet you are too. Here’s Pastor C. A. Murray, General Manager of 3ABN’s Proclaim Channel to tell us about a wonderful evangelistic series in the Philippines.

C. A. Murray: Thank you Mollie. Three Angels Broadcasting Network is very pleased to join hands with the Seventh-day Adventist Church in this grand evangelistic thrust, which has been called Mission to the Cities. Some two-plus years ago, the denomination looked at the realities of where people are on Planet Earth today. Most of the people live in large cities, and so Mission to the Cities was birthed as 650 cities were targeted across the Earth for evangelism over the next several years.

The test case, the very first, was New York City. NY13 was a huge success, and those lessons that were learned in NY13 were to be taken to the 649 additional, select designated cities for evangelism. The evangelism was not just public preaching of the gospel, but it was preceded by any number of evangelistic, small evangelistic outreaches that targeted specific populations in the city for maximum yield once the evangelism began.

Well, now we turn our attention to Manila in the Philippines. I have just concluded a very successful meeting in Panama City in Panama, and I will be joining Elder Ted Wilson, who is our General Conference President, Elder Dan Jackson, President of the North American Division, and a number of other pastors and laypersons for a 50-campaign evangelistic thrust in Manila in the Philippines, which will begin on May 2 and conclude on May 17.

We are very, very happy to join the Seventh-day Adventist Church in what is a grand and glorious, we believe, campaign which will begin to usher in the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We solicit your prayers as we join our brethren and laypersons in this wonderful outreach to Manila in the Philippines. We are happy to know that God has already begun the work, and we’ll be used of Him to lift up the mighty and matchless name of Jesus.

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  1. elena

    do you know the address in manila so i can attend with my relatives n friends since i am going home……thank you…GOD BLESS