3ABN Newsbreak: Kids Talk About 3ABN Camp Meeting


Jill Morikone: Hello. I’m Jill Morikone, and as our Spring Camp Meeting approaches, even the kids are excited. We asked some kids why they love Camp Meeting, and this is what they had to say.

Girl 1: I love going to 3ABN Camp Meeting.

Boy 1: My favorite thing about Camp Meeting is Bible stories.

Boy 2: My favorite part about Camp Meeting is getting to know God more.

Girl 2: My favorite part about Camp Meeting is meeting new friends, and the meetings, the meetings are really good. Yeah.

Girl 3: We have a lot of different speakers that come, and they are really good.

Boy 2: There’s people that come to our classes and give presentations to us, and those are really helpful.

Boy 1: When I go to Camp Meeting, I go to kindergarten class.

Girl 1: This year I am going to primary again, and I am going to make lots more friends.

Girl 3: I’ll be attending the junior class.

Girl 2: In the youth class, they’re going to be talking about purity in relationships, which is really relevant today.

Girl 1: Crafts, tag, soccer.

Boy 2: The previous camp meetings I have learned how different [things] like music culture and TV culture have different meanings.

Girl 3: I think it’ll be cool that we are going to have missionaries come to our class.

Girl 2: Have you ever met a real missionary?

Girl 1: I’m looking forward to meeting a real missionary.

Girl 2: …But if you come to Camp Meeting.

Boy 2: I really enjoy the meals here. The food is really good, and the people serving us are really nice.

Girl 1: Last year they had lots and lots of popsicles, and I hope they have a lot of them this year.

Girl 3: My favorite Camp Meeting meal is tofu.

Girl 2: Tofu?

Girl 3: [laughs]

Boy 1: I don’t know what even tofu is.

Girl 2: Free Again is going to be bringing wild animals here, so it’s going to be cool.

Girl 3: I love animals.

Boy 1: I don’t think they are going to bring a rhino, but I think I’m going to see one in heaven.

Girl 1: Moo!

Girl 2: What?! Not a cow!

Boy 2: I really think you should come to Camp Meeting because it won’t be the same without you.

Girl 2: I would describe Camp Meeting as inspiring.

Girl 1: Camp Meeting brings me a lot closer to Jesus.

Girl 3: You should come to Camp Meeting.

Jill Morikone: As you can see, there’s something for everyone, and here’s something extra we’re excited about. Every parent who calls us and gives us their child’s name can pick up a free camp meeting T-shirt when they get here.

Just call us Monday through Thursday, at 618-627-4651, and give us their name. Remember your child must be between 4 and 18 years old, and we need to know their shirt size too. Most importantly you must pick it up here in person during our Spring Camp Meeting, where we’ll be focusing on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and support of this ministry.

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You can also donate via our secure website, 3abn.org.

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