3ABN Newsbreak, June 7, 2013


Mollie Steenson: We’re delighted to have Julia Outkina, the executive director of 3ABN’s Russian Evangelism Center, with us today. We welcome you, Julia.

Julia Outkina: Thank you, Mollie. I’m so happy to be at 3ABN again.

Mollie: You know, Julia, I know that 3ABN Russia is about to celebrate its 21st anniversary. Tell us what’s going on there.

Julia: Mollie, 3ABN is a worldwide minister of a miracle. And 3ABN Russia is also a miracle. It has been blessing Russian people for over 20 years now. We receive thousands of letters and e-mails from all viewers, and this motivates us to double our efforts to reach even more Russian-speaking people. There are about 300 million of them around the world.

Mollie: Julia, we know that Russia is changing to high-definition. How is 3ABN Russia making that conversion?

Julia: This is one of those miracles that I mentioned. At first, we could only hope to have the funds needed to convert our cameras and equipment. But today, we know this will be possible by God’s grace. Currently, our programs air on four satellites and on more than 100 full-power TV and radio stations.

However, they only air select programs and not longer than a half hour or less per week on average. Our dream is to have 3ABN Russia Network on satellite 24 hours a day.

Mollie: Julia, do you have enough programming to do this?

Julia: Yes, we do. The Lord allowed us to prepare, providing us an opportunity to stream 24-hour TV and radio programming on the Internet for several years now. We currently produce over 30 series, and through the generosity of a certain sponsor, we’ve begun to produce three new ones.

The first one is a health program for children, called Happy School of Health. The second series is based on a Russian proverb that says “One plows, and seven eat with a spoon.” So we named our series The Seven with a Spoon. It’s a program for women, featuring nutrition and health principles for the family. The third is called Being Health and includes doctors’ advice and testimonies from people who have applied spiritual principles to their struggles with illness.

Mollie: Wow, Julia, there is a lot going on at 3ABN Russia. We’re so grateful for you and your dedicated staff. The Lord has truly blessed, and we look forward to how the Lord will expand your ministry.

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3ABN Newsbreak, June 14, 2013