3ABN Newsbreak, June 14, 2013


Cari Christian: This week we’re happy to have our 3ABN Latino general manager, John Dinzey, with us. Welcome, John.

John Dinzey: Thank you, Cari. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Cari: John, we’ve been amazed with how the Lord has blessed 3ABN Latino with tremendous cable coverage in the past years, the tremendous growth. Is this trend continuing this year?

John: Absolutely. We continue to be amazed by new opportunities. Now, when we talk about cable subscribers, we usually multiply the number by four to account for all the members of the household. With that in mind, I’d like to highlight just two countries today.

The first is Guatemala, where 3ABN Latino’s now on over 90% of the cable companies. The Lord is using two volunteers, Boris Barrios and Manuel Ortiz, to advance our work in that country. Just last week, Manuel called and said, “We just met with a cable executive who’s willing to add 3ABN Latino to his lineup. He has over 500,000 subscribers. So I’m sending you, the cable affiliate, a contract ready to sign. Please send us the modulator and satellite receiver as soon as you can.”

But Cari, about three days later, we received another call, and he said, “We have another one. This one has about 1 million subscribers.” All I could say was, “Praise the Lord.”

The second country is Venezuela. We have received calls and e-mails telling us they are sure they can get us on over 100 cable companies in that nation. Our friends are in the process of making those contacts, and they need our prayers and support. We believe the Lord will bless us and make this a reality.

Cari: That’s exciting, but what about free-to-air channels? What’s happening there?

John: Oh yes. In the United States, we have affiliates in Los Angeles and Sacramento, California; Phoenix, Arizona; one in Dallas, Texas; and one in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. We are also praising the Lord for all the 97 3ABN-owned downlinks, and they are systematically being converted to digital. So far, 60 have been converted, and each time, 3AVN Latino is added as one of the channels, resulting in more souls for God’s kingdom. Praise the Lord.

Cari: Thank you, John. What a blessing 3ABN Latino continues to be. We look forward to its 10 year anniversary soon.

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