3ABN Newsbreak, July 5, 2013


Hello, I’m Cari Christian, and we hope you’ve made plans to join us for a tremendously important new series this month. Beginning Wednesday, July 24th, at 7 p.m. Central, we’re pleased to bring you our newest installment of Anchors of Truth called “Rise of the Antichrist.” This important series by international evangelist Kenneth Cox will open your eyes to what the Bible says about the antichrist and the final events leading up to the Second Coming of Christ.

We live in an age where everything happens so quickly that many despair of making any sense out of current events. Bombarded by news stories of disasters, global economic problems, political scandals, and the shifting attitudes of our society, how can we begin to know what lies ahead? As millions turn to the Bible for answers, many are struggling to understand the scriptures, but become frightened by the imagery it uses to describe the last days. Popular novels have described the antichrist power mentioned in scriptures, but are they true? What does it all mean?

In 2 Peter 1:19, the Bible directs God’s people to heed prophecy as a light that shines in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. Carefully using the biblical keys to interpret these final movements, Pastor Kenneth Cox’s messages on Bible prophecy will help hold you steady in the stormy weather ahead. Discover what the “little horn” of Daniel 7 refers to. Watch the rise of the antichrist and discover who its partner is. Then watch the movements of what the Bible calls the “king of the north” and the deceptive agenda of what the Bible refers to as “Babylon.”

If you’ve been puzzled by the information contained in the prophetic books of the Bible, then you don’t want to miss this important series. God wants us to know what lies ahead and He’s given us the keys to unlock these amazing prophecies. Have your Bible ready and join us for Anchors of Truth, “Rise of the Antichrist,” July 24th through 27th, right here on 3ABN.

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  1. Jacqueline Shor

    Why do alot of Churches believe they are going to Heaven as soon as they die?
    Why would Jesus come back for the dead will rise first and then the living when we are all llifted up!!