3ABN Newsbreak, July 12, 2013


Hello. I’m Mollie Steenson, and this week I have some great news for you. As you know, Three Angels Broadcasting Network began broadcasting on satellite in 1986, and today we’re reaching the world with the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14, through six television and two radio networks. In addition, we stream all of our programming live over the internet to computers, smart phones, tablets, and every other device we can find.

Producing and broadcasting television and radio through satellite, cable, and over the air requires highly technical and expensive equipment, and the Lord has entrusted us with everything we need, when we step out in faith. This is overwhelmingly evident to our visitors when they realize that everything they see is paid for through your generous and faithful support. However, the blessings don’t stop there. Much like the sandals and clothes of the Israelites during the Exodus, our equipment has long outlasted its normal life expectancy. Take our studio A cameras, for example. They were purchased right after the 1996 Olympic Games and have been in continuous service for 17 years.

Today, however, technology advances have made them nearly obsolete with the advent of high definition (HD) television and the difficulty of finding parts and services. It’s imperative they be updated. The same goes for our video tape recorders. Not only are parts difficult to find, but video tapes have become scarce and very expensive since there’s very little demand for them. The reality is that the television industry has gone tape-less, and highly specialized computer hard drives are now used to store and play back video and audio programs. For some time, we’ve been working toward high definition cameras and a tape-less system that will provide you with a higher picture quality in more formats than ever. We’ve shared our needs with you and have been encouraged by your response. But now, an anonymous donor has provided us a marvelous opportunity by offering $500,000 in matching funds for these urgent needs.

This is incredible news. For every $5 you give, we receive $10. Every $50 donation you make becomes $100. And every $1,000 becomes $2,000.

Please ask the Lord what He would have you do, and as the Holy Spirit leads you, please send your tax deductible donations to:

P.O. Box 220
West Frankfort, IL 62896

You can also donate via our secure website, 3abn.org.

Or call 618-627-4651, Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time.

But please do it soon, since these matching funds will only apply for 30 days. Thank you for all that you do for this ministry, and may God richly bless you is our prayer.

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3 Responses to “3ABN Newsbreak, July 12, 2013”

  1. chileshe fumbata

    Hello mollie steenson!i read that you were not feeling well some weeks ago so i just want to find out how you are feeling now.are you okey or much better now? i've been praying that GOD may heal you completely.please let me know.thanks!

  2. Mollie Steenson

    Hi Chileshe,

    Thank you for your prayers and concern for my health. I am doing better. Just last week I got a report from my doctor saying that some of the nodules in my lungs had shrunk and that my bones are responding positively so I am praising God for such a good report.

    I know it is the prayers of precious sisters and brothers around the world that have strengthened me through this most difficult time and I appreciate you so very much.

    My prayer for you is that God will greatly bless you.


    Mollie Steenson

  3. N. Emmanuel

    Shalom, sis Mollie Steenson Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus.
    i was glad to read your mail in reply to Chileshe's mail to you, i myself was wondering how was your health improving?i must say to God be the Glory.
    sis Mollie i am a founder and part of a cancer support group, there is nothing we can do on our own to bring about healing to persons,{BUT GOD CAN}. First we prayer for cleansing through the Aid of the Holy Spirit. Secondly… we ask the person to talk to GOD repent of sins committed or sins omitted when they are finish we allow them to read
    -Chapter 16 -of THE MINISTRY OF HEALING……..Prayer for the sick….the prayer of faith shall save the sick.
    During parts of the reading we talk of GOD'S WILL for our lives and body which is his TEMPLE. Thirdly…we prayer and ask God to have his way as we order our steps in his way, including soul searching,heartfelt prayer, Fourthly.. we do an ANOINTING WITH OIL, after which we give thanks to the Almighty for Life AND GOOD HEALTH.
    The next session we talk about how we take care of God's temple,
    Counsels on Diet and Foods, Drinking plenty of water,and keeping Anger, Stress and
    worry away from our lives. Sis Mollie i trust you can use this as a guide to help you……..BLESSINGS…. Cheers to good health…your sis in Christ.