3ABN Newsbreak: GYC: ‘Before Men and Angels’


Cari: Hello. I’m Cari Christian and I’m happy to tell you that 3ABN will be carrying the GYC youth conference beginning January 1st. These young people are on fire for the Lord. Just listen to their message:

Man: My life is incredibly insignificant. I am a tiny person on a small planet in a very large universe. My life is short. My money, education, and accomplishments are temporary. I can easily be replaced. My employer could find another person to do my job. Let’s face it: Even my cat can survive without me. But God can’t. See, I know this because He stepped down from His throne and made Earth His home. Rejected and despised, He bore my selfishness, murders, and lies, carrying them to the grave, making me the receiver of divine grace.

Now, now I see my worth through the eyes of the universe. There’s something bigger at play here. Bigger than men. Scripture claims that the created accused the Creator and the universe is merely a spectator. You and me, our lives are center stage in this story. We are the drama. We, the receivers of divine grace and the life changing spirit. We who have been baptized by fire and water, stand and live before men and angels.

You see, creation waits to see if in our testimony, the righteousness of God will be vindicated. So, I refuse to be ruled by materialism, by circumstance, or in search of the accolades of men. No self-seeking is allowed to dictate my actions, for I’m willing to be made a fool for Christ’s sake because I realize that I live on a stage set before men and angels, and my purpose is to glorify God. To glorify God! See, let me break it down for you. My life is meant to vindicate the character of the Creator before men and angels. My life is incredibly significant.

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One Response to “3ABN Newsbreak: GYC: ‘Before Men and Angels’”

  1. Wisdom Chiviya

    Wonderful, this message empowers me to know that I should live beyond the obvious, be peculiar, holy, sanctified for Im not my own but Christ:s