3ABN Newsbreak: Call Center and Studio Expansion


Cari: I’m Cari Christian, and I’m just thrilled to tell you that 3ABN is growing. Here’s Greg Morikone to tell us more.

Greg: Thank you, Cari. I’m standing in front of the beautiful 3ABN Call Center. This building was built 12 years ago, and it was built because we had a tremendous need for a larger call center. We were bursting at the seams. At that time the call center was in, you could say, a rather large office space. So then we moved into this nice spacious building.

Well, since we moved into this 12 years ago, we’ve had the need for a warehouse to store our pallets of books, DVDs, CDs, that sort of thing, and we’ve kept this stored in what we call the Bos Auditorium, which is not connected to this building. It’s across the parking lot, over there behind the main production building.

About two weeks ago, the Lord has blessed by funds. Thank you so much for your funds and supporting God’s work. We’ve been able to start a large warehouse right connected to our current Call Center. Now this warehouse is 80 feet wide by 102 feet long. Now, you might say, “Well, that’s pretty big.” I’ll tell you how it helps us so much. In our current storing facility, we can store about 142 pallets. In our new warehouse, we’ll be able to store about 440 pallets, which will help us so much in our organization. But not only that, in this warehouse we also have room for the 3ABN production truck—the large production truck, I’m sure you’ve seen where they do remote shoots. They’ll be able to bring that in here, do some work on it, be able to store some of the production equipment in here.

Not only production, but we have some room for engineering, because engineering needs to store some of their transmitters, equipment that goes to help 3ABN go across the air. We’ll be able to also store that in here.

Now, what the plans are to do with the Bos Auditorium, that’s exciting too, because we’ll also be able now to expand in the Bos and make that into a studio.

So praise the Lord. You know God is so good. We have a beautiful day, and God has blessed this ministry, 3ABN, and it’s through your prayers and financial support that we have been able to do this. Thank you so much for helping us in this need.

Cari: Thank you Greg, and thank you our dear viewers and listeners, for your support. Over the years, we have counted on the fact that where God guides, He provides, and we have seen that promise come true every time we step out in faith. If you feel the Holy Spirit impressing you to support 3ABN’s worldwide ministry, please send your tax deductible gifts to:

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