3ABN Newsbreak: 3ABN Français Update (2014-08-08)

Moses Primo: Hello, my name is Moses Primo, and this week I would like to inform you about the exciting news of a new network called 3ABN Francais. This project is a project that has been going for a while, but 3ABN asked me to be the new manager for this channel and to launch on a cable company. In fact, at the end of May, the conference in Paris called us to do an evangelism series, and Pastor Jim Gilley went there and did a wonderful job. The church was full. The Church of Mitry-Mory, it was blessed with all of the messages that he had to give.
We are also talking to the local cable company in Paris, called Numericable, and they told us that as soon as we get all of this content in French and we improve the quality, which we are taping here, we will be able to be on not only in France, but in Martinique and Guadeloupe and many of the other islands that speak the French language.

For those of you who speak French, I would like to introduce Rose-Helene Bolo to tell you how you can contact us and help with this project.

Rose-Helene Bolo: Contactez 3ABN Francais, vous pouvez nous ecrire a 3ABN Francais, Quartier Poirier, 97213 Grose-Morne, Martinique. Vous pouvez nous joindre par telephone au 596- 696-07-29-40, ou encore 596-696-39-20-20. Vous pouvez nous envoyer un email a 3abnfrancais@3abn.org, ou encore visitez notre site Web a 3abnfrancais.org.

Moses Primo: If the Holy Spirit impresses you to support this ministry, please send your tax-deductible gift to 3ABN Francais, P.O. Box 220, West Frankfort, Illinois 62896, or call us Monday through Thursday at 618-627-4651.
Thank you for your prayers and support of 3ABN’s ministry, and may the Lord richly bless you.

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