3ABN Newsbreak: 3ABN Français Crusade in Paris, France


Mollie Steenson: Hello. I’m Mollie Steenson, and today we have our President, Jim Gilly, and our Director of Broadcasting and Engineering, Moses Primo, to tell us some exciting news that’s happening in France.

Jim Gilley: You know, Moses Primo wears a lot of hats at 3ABN, and one of those is as our International Director. When he came to me not long ago and he said, “I want us to begin telecasting in French,” I want to tell you he had my attention. And, Moses, it has started happening.

Moses Primo: Yes, it is a blessing to have a new channel called 3ABN Français. It’s a channel that is broadcasting all over the Caribbean now, but we wanted to expand, and we want to make a new evangelism crusade in Paris. We chose Pastor Jim to be the main speaker there.

Jim Gilley: I’m looking forward to that. The Lord has let me hold over 100 crusades, and so this is one that is going to be very special to me.

Moses Primo: Yes, it will be translated to French, and it starts on May 2, a Friday at the 19:00 hour [note: the new starting time is 7:30 p.m. Central European Summer Time (UTC +2)], and will go all week long until May 10. Pastor Jim will close with a special worship in the morning. In the afternoon, there will be a beautiful music concert.

The address is [Eglise Adventiste du Septieme Jour de Mitry-Mory], 2 rue Henri VIDAL, 77290 Mitry-Mory, and we want to also give a special thanks to the local pastor, Paster [Vincent] Ferrier and the local [Seventh-day Adventist] conference and the union. Everybody is supporting this.

There is a team that is going from Martinique. [Simon and Rose-hélène] Bolo are taking the 3ABN Français team, and they’re going to videotape the whole thing, edit, and also broadcast it in the local cable.

Jim Gilley: Well, we are really looking forward to this time with our people in France, and we also have some things to pray about back in the Caribbean. What are those?

Moses Primo: Well, the challenge there is that they also, the cable company, Numericable, as you know, has stopped carrying us. So we are praying that you please ask that Numericable can put us back on the cable company there.

Jim Gilley: You know, we know that God answers prayers. We know that, as we unite together and pray for this meeting in Paris, and we pray that we’re back on cable in the Caribbean, that He will hear and answer.

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