New Video Format for Online 3ABN Broadcast

If you’ve had trouble watching our online 3ABN broadcast on your computer or mobile device, we have good news for you! We now have a new streaming format that works well for Mac users, as well as others who have had problems viewing us online.

To watch, just hover over the Media button in our menu, and choose “3ABN 2: Generic Player” from the pop-down list. Depending on your setup, the video stream may begin automatically, or you may need to click the round play button on the screen.

Until recently, 3ABN has used TVU Networks exclusively to carry our streaming video broadcasts shown on our website. Although the TVU service is economical and works well for many people, it hasn’t worked for a segment of our viewers—especially for those who use Apple computers. Their troubles started when Apple changed the plug-in technology for its Safari web browser. Since then, Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 (Snow Leopard and Lion) users have been unable to watch 3ABN online.

This new “generic” format also works for users of mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Previously, these users could watch our channels only after downloading a separate application by TVU Networks for a small one-time or yearly fee, but now they can watch 3ABN directly on our website without using another app—and it’s free!

We recommend users of mobile devices use their default web browser since other browsers may not work.

Currently this new player is only available for our main 3ABN channel. The other channels still require the use of the TVU app. We will be reviewing the cost of providing this new service from month to month, and may add other channels in the future, as we are financially able.

If you are a Linux user, or you use a non-Apple, non-Android mobile device, we’d like to hear how this new generic player works for you. This will help us update our support documentation.

Although our online video is provided at no charge, this service costs 3ABN up to $12,000 or more per month—that’s well over $100,000 per year, not counting staff, support, or any other related expenses. Your faithful tax-deductible contributions go a long way to help cover these costs, and to help us provide even better services in the future.

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2 Responses to “New Video Format for Online 3ABN Broadcast”


    Recently, for the past month or so, my broadcasts have been difficult to watch. Sound and program have been stopping for about 5 – 8 secs, and running for about 10 – 12 . It has always been continuous before, but is not settling at all now.
    I have tried using the Generic Player, as before I used either High Quality or Low Band Width, but it makes no difference. Could this have anything to do with the changes?
    I do miss not being able to get the Revelation Studies and Sabbath programs among others.

  2. Web Manager

    Hi Barbara, I’m not sure the cause of your difficulties, but the new format does not affect any of the others. It is new in addition to the others, but the other online broadcasts are the same as before.