New Nature Videos from 3ABN

Nothing is quite as soothing as the beauty of nature, but when its coupled with music from 3ABN’s best-selling Pillars of Our Faith project, it’s hard to beat!

3ABN has just produced a new nature video called, Majesty of Creation. Enjoy the beauty of God’s Creation in high-definition and this inspired music as you travel from the snow-capped mountains of New England and British Columbia to the stunning peaks of Zion National Park and Kauai. Your spirits will be lifted up as you contemplate the inspired messages and draw closer to your Creator! This beautiful nature makes a great gift, and is also available in a blue laser disc edition.

To order, call 618-627-4651 Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, or order it online in the Majesty of Creation standard DVD edition, or the Majesty of Creation blue laser disc edition.

3ABN World, July 2012
New Video Format for Online 3ABN Broadcast

3 Responses to “New Nature Videos from 3ABN”

  1. arielle

    im so excited i loved watching nature time on 3abn that i recorded it and unfortunately my dvr deleted it bc of too many things that were recorded already. but i hope to get this in the near future for i beieve that this is a beautiful, relaxing and inspiring video.

  2. Charles Katandika

    May God bless for such good work you do at 3ABN. My family and I love you so much.