New Control Room In Service

A new control room was pressed into the Lord’s service recently, and we’re rejoicing! Using the latest technology, 3ABN’s new Worship Center studios now can broadcast HD quality live programming from the facility at any time.

First Live BroadcastFirst Broadcast from new control room. (L to R): 3ABN production manager, Greg Morikone; 3ABN president, Jim Gilley; Aldis Systems contractor, Chuck Walior; 3ABN director of broadcasting and engineering, Moses Primo; and 3ABN producer, C. A. Murray. (Photo: Camille Gilley)


New Control RoomOur new control room enables us to broadcast live from our Worship Center and record programs in our children’s studio. (Photo: Bobby Davis)


3ABN president, Pastor Jim Gilley, says, “The increased production this new control room allows us is absolutely astounding. It give us the flexibility to broadcast or record in the Worship Center studios while our production truck is on the road, and that doubles our output capabilities for those studios. This control room has been needed for a very long time, and we praise the Lord for providing it.”

Latest Technology

Moses Primo, 3ABN’s director of broadcasting and engineering, says, “We are so grateful for the generous donation we received from the Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries—and for each of our donors who have given so faithfully to this project.

“Because of your sacrificial giving we now have a state-of-the-art, tapeless, high-definition control room. It also contains an edit suite where editors can edit the program, even as it is airing. A private fiber optic link we installed between the buildings now takes our signal directly to our Master Control facility, and then to the world!

“This is a very good addition to 3ABN’s programming capacity, and ultimately it helps us to reach more souls for God’s kingdom!”

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